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My Days In An Undisclosed High School - Season 1 - Episode 21
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Me:-no ooo,just joking jare…

Lizzy:-are you out of your senses,how can you said such a thing and called it a joke..

Me:-oooh lizzy-ard(lizard) **her nickname in school**….dont start that now, am just playing,i didn’t know you are going to be angry….

Lizzy:-and you b----t(prest),what made you say such a costly joke like that?…

Me:-how dare you calling me nonsense name,haven’t i warned you people not to call me bad names again….just consider urself dead if i can catch you today #chasing her#**honestly,that my nick-name was among the factors that made me leave my fmr school**

Lizzy:- #laughing#so it can pain you like this,when you called me lizzard did i say anything?… can’t do anything to me jhor**running away**

Me:-why can’t you wait….wait now,and see..
She ran into her room and i followed her quickly,she was about to lock her door when i used all the power vested on me to pulled the door open and then pushed her to the bed,climbed her forcefully…..;was about removing my belt ,when i realised what might be going on, in her heart,i mean what she might be thinking and what i was about doing……i quickly stopped and got off her
Lizzy:-what made you stop?..

Me:-**Lord please i don’t pray she’s thinking that am about to have sex with her**it is crazy for a boy like me to beat up a girl lyk you,it would spoil my reputation##….Lizzy:-Really?**asking with a face that meant,is that what you really want to do**

Pohn porhn….
….mum is around,lizzy said…

I quickly dashed out to open the gate…
Mum:-prest we are going to see an otologist today**coming out of her car……
Me:-why?what happened?

Mum:-did you know how many minutes i have spent outside the gate horning and you couldn’t answer…..

Lizzy:-welcome ma,
Mum:-how are you my daughter?
Lizzy:-fine ma,

Mum:-hope you have eaten something?….
Lizzy:-yes mum,infact it was indomie
Mum:-who cooked it?

Lizzy:-i cooked it myself..
Mum:-what?prest what is your work in thus house why cant you cook the indomie for her?…
Me:-mum?**shook my head and went to my room**

@ 7:00pm

Mum:-prest are you deaf?,i say open this door…
Me:-yeah mum that is why we are visiting an otologist tomorrow

Mum:-open this door now
Me:’for what?

Mum:-are you drunk?i said open this door and you are asking for what…

Me:-mum am reading,i don’t need any disturbance ok!

Lizzy:-mum,the food is set
Mum:-prest won’t you come out and eat your food…

Me:-mum am not hungry..

Mum:-how can you lock yourself up since morning and tell me you aiint hungry…whats wrong with you?

Me:-mum,i will come and eat when am hungry…

I was in my room till 9:30p.m…..when i heard someone knocking my door,i already know it was lizzy….;

Me:-what did you want?**asking,while opening the door**

Lizzy:-i know you must be hungry,so i brought your food for you

Me:-did i send you,and who told you am hungry?abeg leave me alone…**was about closing the door back,when she suddenly knelt down;
Lizzy:-plz,prest just let me come in….

ME:-okay,ok,come in#giving her space to pass#
Lizzy:-**sitting on the bed**thank you
Me:-its ok

Lizzy:-so here is your food##stretching the food to me..

Me:-i collected was rice and beans,within a twinkling of an eye i quickly finished it…

Lizzy:-and you said,you aiint hungry
Me:-then who told you i was?

Lizzy:-sorry for what i and you mum did to you this evening

Me:-it ok**fuming**
Lizzy:-plz can i sleep here tonyt?
Me:-aah,what happen to your room**so thus girl brought food for me in other to sleep in my room…DE DEVIL IS A LIAR**

Lizzy:-i used to hear some strange sound and voice their at night

Me:-okay you sleep here,let me go to your room..taking my pillow and was about going out.
Lizzy:-no prest the truth is, was,is is…..that i can sleep alone,i used to get scared easily…..

Me:-so you are telling me,you and lestner sleep in the same room..

Lizzy:-no but mum and i sleep in the same room
Me:-**only God knows if she was lying**then why can’t you go and sleep with my mum
Lizzy:-prest just do me this favour…

Me:-okay oooo… can sleep on the bed,i will use the floor

Lizzy:-no ooo,we are both sleeping on the bed….
Me:-promise me nothing funny will happen…
Lizzy:-hahaha,are you scared
Me:-of course i am…

Lizzy:’dont worry,i should even be the one to tell you that..

Me:-okay oooo
i joined her on the bed,we gist,joke,talked till we slept in each other arms….thank God nothing happened……

**PRAISE DE LORD**!!!!!!!

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