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My Days In An Undisclosed High School - Season 1 - Episode 23
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Minute Later she returned with her hands carrying two bottle of cocacola and food:
Me:-who did you bring those things for?

Mercy:-For you of course..and plz don’t tell me you won’t be eating…

We finished eating the food,thank God there was light,i on the television and we start watching one season film she brought from her house,
Mercy:-what class are you now?

Me:-don’t know maybe you can google search it..

Mercy:-stop being childish prest,i remember you are in primary 2 when i left for japan…

Me:-then calculate that year to my class ok?i knew you to be a good mathematician..
Mercy:-well since you refused to tell me yours,i guess i won’t tell you mine..

Me:-i don’t even need it…….
Mercy:-prest ,you remember what you did to me,when we were travelling then..
Me:-nope,but i remember i did something not dangerous….

Mercy:-you gave me a hug and actually kissed me on my cheek

Me:-#laughing#ooh i remember that,you know i was just a small kid then…..

Mercy:-yeah but now you are matured right?
Me:-of course

Mercy:-please can you do that to me again.
Me:-nope,i can’t…

Mercy:-ooooh don:’t be shy,we’ve been friends all this while.My going to Asia didn’t change anything about me,does it.?.

Me:-Ok Ok,just one ooooo..**moved forward and gave her a kiss**

Abeg this girl put super glue for mouth ni?,we were just standing their kissing,no i mean she was kissing me this time around,as she help my face with her both palms and start giving all those kinda kind of rough kiss that i hate…

GBAM!!i fell on the couch when my legs were not able to hold my body anymore.Mercy too fell on me..I couldn’t even breath normally again,this Girl is so so so Hot,she didn’t even give me time to think of what to do,she was offing my trousers and my shirt when i finally find my voice….

Me:-mercy,sorry i can do this.Am very very sorry….

She didn’t even say anything again,she just ran to me again,starts kissing me again**if it is a boy that’s doing this now to a girl,they will call it rape act**.She pulled off her cloth becoming unclad,only an impotent won’t move in that type of state…LOrd i need your help badly..i prayed inwardly..

Me:-okay mercy,i will do it on one condition
Mercy:-which condition?

Me:-if am gonna do that with you am gonna use Cond=m

Mercy:-prest you think you are wise abi.where did you want a girl like me to get that from,even if i went to the chemist to buy it when i returned you would have locked the gate now..
Me:-so are you trying to force me to do it..
Mercy:-no,but you must and will do it..

Me:-you aiint like this before now,is that what you learned from japan..

She didn’t answer,she came forward pushed me on the couch was trying to fight her when she counter-powered me spiritually and physically.she climbed me,off the boxer i was putting was trying to shout when she held my throat,**OO God why are some people heartless ..just because you are bit stronger than me abi,you are not going to abuse me and gets away with this…**.then insert my Mitocondrion**power house of the body** into her bushy rubbish,it was warm inside but i felt the pain i feel like crying,she really dissapointed me,well thank God she’s not a virgin,she was just thrusting in and out on top of me till her juice was dropping down to my thigh,she was about to kiss me,when i spilt on her face i think this was what increase her tempo as she moving up and down at an exteme rate untill i shot my Load inside her,i did that twice after this she let off me;

Mercy:-i am really sorry for what happened today,it has been long since i have sex,and a guy like you was the one i need to quench me of my thirst.Morever i wish to have your baby,course i need a baby that’s handsome like you,i will be going to Japan next week.Plz forgive me

Me:-just get out,i don’t wanna know you,as from today you are now my must not come here to do anything ok!

Mercy:-i said am sorry,it wasn’t intentional…
..Me:-oOh its not intentional you held my throat,not intentional you held my hand..OOH i see now that its expressional..Just get out..

Mercy:-prest am sorry,all my days at Takashi in japan,i have being dreaming and wanting to have it with you..i have made up my mind to come and have a little holiday just because of you.Today when i saw that your mum had gone out and it remains only you,i thought this would be my last opportunity so i tried to take it the hard way with you since i know you aiint thay kinda type of person..Am deeply sorry prest…I really luv you,but i know we wouldnt marry,so carrying your baby won’t be a problem….plz am sorry…##crying##

Me:-it ok,go and sin no more**giving her a weak smile**–not that am gonna tell my mum,cox if i tell her she will have her arrested,and when she’s arrested pple in my street will know and if pple in my street knows,The whole world had already known**..

Mercy:-thank you..**giving me a kiss**
Me:-hmmn not again..

Mercy:-ooh sorry,i have to go now

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