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My Days In An Undisclosed High School - Season 1 - Episode 34
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Me:-hmmn……So what about dad.?.
Mum:-prest,your dad is married to another woman now…..

Me:-Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHY?**tears forming**
Mum:-me self it came as a surprise to me .I guessed it was among one of his outing abroad that he met the woman he is now with….
Me:-OOOo God you know how much i hates broken home**crying aloud**

Mum:-prest it’s late already stop crying or you wake everybody up,perharps this is not a broken home,you didn’t even miss him at all,do you?
Me:-yeah mum i missed him alot,all those novel,cakes he used to buy for me and cafetaria he used to take me to.

Mum:-is that all?
Me:-no mum,forgotten some
Mum:-you see,with a matter of time you will also forget those….

Me:-when did you know he is having a wife abroad..?

Mum:-10 years ago,but i guessed he has been dating that woman now its up to 14yrs….
Me:-then why can’t you tell me all this mum,why can’t you?**crying**…….

Mum:-if i had told you then,what will you do?,stop him from travelling abroad,?and morever its gonna affect your studies…..

Me:-perharps i could have begged him to stay….
Mum:-prest it comes like that and you need to take it like that

Me:-but mum you said you knew it,ten years ago,but how come he is still leaving with us till this year…

Mum:-yeah,its true,when i got to know this i was even furious,i took him to court for a divorce,but the jugde said because you are still a kid he will advised us to join hands in raising you up first,then after the years we spent together in raising you if we are not still ok with that we can now come for divorce…….but he is still the one paying for your school fees

Me:-hmmn mum………*wiping away my tears**what about my sisters not coming to visit us…
Mum:-prest you know your sister are studying abroad,how do you now want them to be coming anyhow to visit us..they will come when they are through with their studies…

Me:-did they know about dad latest action…?
Mum:-yeah…i called them and told them everything……haaaaaa**yawning**prest we will talk later bye till tommorrow….**sleeping on the beds and closing her eyes**

Me:-thanks mum for telling me all this today,i love you,good nyt**moving forward to give her a kiss and walked out of her room**
Mum:-nyt too dear…

I was sad and also relieved after what i heard today,i went to the dinning,made some tea,held the cup and walked to my room,as soon as i got their,switched on the light turning to sleep on my bed,i saw Lizzy sleeping n*ked on the bed,we were both looking at each other for a couple of minutes,all this time,something has been longing to come out of my trouser since;

Lizzy:-why are you looking at me like that?you heard what your mum said don’t you?,since we are gonna marry in future,so what are we keeping?…abeg join me jare…can’t wait to see how sex look like….

Me:-and you think this is a good idea…..?
Lizzy:-yes of course
Me:-what if we do it and later turns to pregnant ?
Lizzy:-don’t worry,my friends have been doing it and it hasn’t turn to any form of pregnancy…….

Hmmn,i moved forward,join her on the bed,kissed her,touched her bossom,i slowly brought my lips to her neck, kissing it,then to her bossom squizzing and sU-Cking it simultaneously,all these while little m0ans where excaping her mouth,minutes later i guides IT into the beautiful land,i began to t----t in slowly till my tempo increased,we did that for about 30minutes when i collapsed on her and rolled to the other sides of the bed….:


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