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My Days In An Undisclosed High School - Season 1 - Episode 22
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Everything moved on smoothly both at school and in the house during the weekdays until one good friday…

I woke up early that day,prepared myself for school and about 7:00p.m i arrived at school.My opening the gate,sandra and wind were just in front of me.Within a twinkling of an eye,wind ran forward bounced on me and gave me the nice beating of my Life**i guess he might have been waiting for me since**.Sandra was just standing their transfixed-i guess she might be wondering what i did to him**but all the same sandra ran forward and released Double sounding SLAP on his amiable Face.GBOSA!! GBosa!!**honestly it sounds like AK49…;

Sandra:-what has come over you wind?are you crazy?

Wind:-Sandra you slapped me?##holding his cheeks##

Sandra:-why are you so heartless like this?,this boy just arrived, and he isn’t a late comer and the best you can do to welcome him is to slap him abi?

The next thing that happened was that both of them were fighting,i just stood up,turned back and moved out of the school gate,stopped a bike and took it to my house……

On getting home my mum was just about to go to her working place,immediately she sights me,she get down from her car;

Mum:-prest,what happened..
Me:-##no response## **just walking inside….
Mum:-**with a worried face**prest plz talk to me now what happened to your school uniform,why are you like this…

Me:-mum,i was beaten by one of my seniors..
Mum:-what happened?
Me:-nothing oooo

Mum:-prest are you sure nothing happened.

Me:-yeah Mum,its just that i said am no more interested in working at the school farm on monday,and he slapped me and i cursed him back and ran away and today he caught me and beat me up mercilessly…

Mum:-OOh prest you shouldn’t have done that to him,but he shouldn’t have come up with this idea to mis-handled you like this now..
Me:-abi oooo..

Mum:-I don’t blame them now,its because you don’t have capable teachers.Yesterday i met your former principal he begged me to allow you to come back,and promised us to give you discounts of about 45% in your school fees..

Me:-that means i wont be going to that school again and i will be going with lizzy to her school right?

Mum:-yes my son.
Me:-OOH i luv you mum
Mum:-i luv you too prest…i don’t have enough time now to spend with you i guess i gotta go now or i will be late.Do take care ok..
Me:-Ok mum bye..

Mum:-bye,oya come open the gate for me..
Me:-what if am in school by now mum
Mum:-then i will know and belief you are in school..

Me:-**aaarg!! mUm!!

I went to open the gate for my mum and she drove out..I was totally happy that moment cause am gonna leave my school,free from sandra,racheal.wind,h.c.t,principal and his competition stuff and re-unite with my friends..ooh am happy.The main reason why my parent took me away from the school is because of their deadly-annually increase in their school fees,i guess by now they will be paying close to 300k but thank God am getting a discounts……

I was listening to one of my favourites song when i heard a knock on my door…

Me:-who’s that?
Unknown:-its’ me
Me:-whats your name..

Unknown;-its’ me Mercy
Me:-**already know who’s talking but want to whine a little**which mercy..

Mercy:-prest open this door now..

Opening the door..

Me:-long time mercy,.when did you arrived
Mercy:-Last week tuesday.

Me:-hope no stress,how are you?
Mercy:-no stress ooo
Me:-what did you bring for us..

Me:-are you ok
Mercy:-am fine jare..
Me:-how did you know am at home..

Mercy:-i saw you when you dropped down from bike and i saw your mum when she was driving out,so i come to keep you company,cause am also lonely at home….

Me:-thats very thoughtful of you ma,.
Mercy:-thank you,i’ll be right back,want to go check what i am cooking…

Me:-be fast ooo,before you burn the whole house….

She quicky ran out and went to her house
Mercy info ****

mercy had been my long time friends since we were kids,she was three year older than me,but we played together when we were small,her mum we come to our house with her and we will play till it we were tired,things moved on like that until her Mum took her along with her on her journey to asia for summer holiday,a month later her mum came back but not with mercy,it was a big loss for me but i have to move on.I think she just returned few days back but i wasn’t in the mood to welcome her,maybe i was just too shy to go and meet her,who knows….she would have been in an higher institution now,probably level 1 or about…..

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