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My fiancee - Season 1 - Episode 10
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* * * * * * * * *


And……………………..she let out a soft m0an.This girl was definitely in.No need to be gentle anymore.I grabbed her b**bs and started squeezing them,they were so soft but the nightie was still not letting me have the pure feeling.I unbuttoned the nightie and placed my lips on her bare b**bs,they were like overripe juicy mango,I started sU-Cking them one after the other and I was loving it.I knew she would be wet by now,I dipped into her [email protected] and started rubbing her……………………..her…………….her…………….I don’t know what it is called. She started jerking wildly and m0an!ng loudly,this girl was really a bad girl.I pulled the nightie completely off her,taking a good look at her body before I finally took off my clothes too.To cut the story short;don’t let me corrupt good children;we had s*x that night(3 rounds).Rita was one hell of a b***h,each round lasted at least about 40 minutes.

I knew a lot of things were about to change but there was nothing I could do to it.
I woke up the next morning on the sofa I had bleeped Rita last night,I looked around;I was alone in the sitting room.Although I had slept unclad last night with Rita by my side nothing covering our nakedness,I now had a blanket on me;I don’t know how it got there but am sure it is Rita’s doing.Where did she even go?

As I was about to stand up,I saw her coming from her room upstairs and on seeing me awake,she headed my way.

Rita:Good morning

Me:Good morning

Rita:How was your night?

Me:Couldn’t have been better

Rita:Nice to hear that

I took a good look at her and I began to think about something.This gentle,cool girl I am looking at right now is totally different from the h---y b***h I bleep yesterday who kept on asking for more.Was it the sex hormones at work or was that an hidden part of her?
“I already prepared everything you will need this morning and even your clothes,so just go the bathroom then come and join me here”Rita said as she stood up to leave.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

The weekend was soon over but Sunday was very interesting, I was at Rita’s house for almost the whole day and we did something……..something meant for married couple.We were already dating and since Clara was out of the country for the meantime,I could do whatever I want .

We got to work the next morning and during lunch time,we went out to eat together;at least no one would suspect that we were dating since we were partners and having lunch together would mean nothing.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The next day,Tuesday was a public holiday so I was at home watching films until I got tired of it.I picked my phone and called Rita.

Me:Hello baby how are you doing

Rita:Am fine and you?

Me:Not really fine


Me:Am seriously missing you

Rita:Really? So do you want me to come to your house?

Me:I would really love that

Rita:Okay expect me in 1 hour time


Rita:Bye.Love you

Me: Love you too.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

40 minutes later

I was still watching films when a call came in from Clara.

Clara:Hello dear how are you?

Me:Am fine,just that am really missing you.


Me:Of course.

Clara:Ok then maybe i should come back because of you

Me:No you don’t need to do that

Clara:Okay.I will call you back,something just came up now.

Me: Okay.Bye.Love you

Clara:Love you too darling.

We ended the call and I continued watching my film,I looked at the time;Rita would soon be here anytime from now.5 minutes later,I heard a knock on my door;Rita was here but why didn’t the gateman ask me first? Not to worry.

I stood up,went to the door to open but on opening the door I met someone else there;Clara

“Surprise” she said as she hugged me.I was happy to see her but on the other hand,I felt like telling her to go for now but I dare not do that.

I hugged her back;God don’t let this be our last hug.After that I took her to the sitting room,am sure she had a lot of gist today.

Me:You did not tell me you are back

Clara:Yes I wanted to surprise you

Me:But you came back sooner than I thought.

Clara:I actually finished all I had to do really quick so I had nothing else to do and I was already missing you.

Just then, the gateman walks in.

Gateman:Oga one lady dey look for you
I didn’t answer him,Rita looked at my face

Rita:Were you expecting someone?

Me:Erm … not really.(To the gateman)Didn’t she tell you her name?

Gateman:She no tell me

Rita:Let her in

I looked at Rita but she just shrugged and went to sit down.

After 1 minute, she walked in.

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