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My fiancee - Season 1 - Episode 11
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* * * * * * * * * * * *


I didn’t know what to do,I was nervous and I was sure Clara could see my nervousness. The door opened and she came in,I could see the look on Clara’s face;she needed an explanation.

Me:Rita this is Sarah my secretary and Sarah this is Clara,my fiance.

They exchanged pleasantries but I didn’t pay attention to that,my mind was still on Rita;she may come anytime.

“Sir,I was just passing by so I decided to drop this file so maybe if you are less busy,you can check it out” Sarah said bringing me back to reality.

I collected the file from her and after that she left.

Although I was happy to see Clara, I was troubled by the fact that Rita may come anytime from now.I stylishly took my phone and told Clara I was going to the toilet. When I got to the toilet,I tried her number but she didn’t pick up;maybe she was driving.God help me today.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

5 hours later

Clara was finally ready to go home,thank God Rita didn’t show up during the whole period.Although I had wanted Rita to come at first but after Clara showed up,I have been praying to God not to let Rita come and I guess my prayer was answered.

At work the next day,I saw Rita,although I was not angry;I decided to play a little;I decided to let her come and apologize to me for not coming before talking to her.

I was working on the files I had on my table when Rita came in.

“Hey baby what’s up ?”She said as she cupped my chin in her hands but I just removed her hand from my chin and didn’t say anything;I guess that was enough to tell her I was angry with her for not coming.She got the message faster than I had thought.

Rita:Baby am really sorry for not making it to your place yesterday,I had somewhere urgent to go yesterday

I was loving this,I looked at her face but did not say anything.

Rita:Common baby I said am sorry

Me:Why didn’t you tell me about that before?

Rita:I didn’t know about it before,my dad just called me on my way to your place and told me I had somewhere I had to attend for him

Me:And why could you not call me or send a text message?

Rita:Am sorry I forgot

Me:What about my calls?Didn’t you see that one too?

Rita:I later saw it

Me:And you didn’t even try to call or flash me back?

Rita:Baby I said am sorry

Me:Okay no problem
“Thank you baby”She said and kissed me.

Rita:So since I was unable to come yesterday, what about I spend the whole weekend at your place?


Rita:What?Is it not a good idea?

Me:No,it………….it is a good one but am totally occupied for the weekend so maybe some other time.

Rita:Okay but what about you spend the night in my place?

I looked into her eyes,I knew what she meant;I sure could not reject that.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The love I had for Clara started diminishing, I started loving Rita better but I was already engaged to Clara so breaking up would be difficult.Clara was the perfect wife material;I could not dispute that fact but Rita was more romantic;she was totally crazy in bed.I was still thinking of all these when Frank my best friend came in.

Frank:My man how far now

Me:I dey jare

We started talking about different stuffs ranging from ball to wrestling to films to music until we finally stopped the most interesting topic ‘girls’.

Frank:So if I understand clearly,you are dating your partner


Frank:(Raising his voice)Vince are you out of it?You are engaged for crying out loud

Me:Engaged not married

Frank:But about to get married,right?

Me:Am still thinking of what to do

Frank:About what?

Me:About the two damsels

Frank:What is there to think about?You are engaged to Clara and you are simply playing with……….what is her name again?


Frank:Yeah Rita.

Me:I was thinking maybe there could a change of roles

Frank:What do you mean?

Me:I was thinking maybe I should start planning marriage with Rita and then keep on playing with Clara

Frank:Are you crazy?

Me:I was just joking

Frank:I don’t really trust you but I hope you don’t regret it

Me:I am not leaving Clara alone

Frank:You had better not because if you do, you will be losing something precious.

Me:I dare not break up with her.

Frank:Better.By the way,I have got a date and I better not be late for that so I think I have to take my leave.

Me: OK no problem.

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