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My fiancee - Season 1 - Episode 13
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Clara had refused to listen to any explanation I had to give;although I knew I didn’t have a reasonable explanation to give,she called the two sides____our parents to a meeting.
I had wanted to leave after the failed attempts to appease her but she had instructed her security guards not to allow me out; I knew she wanted our parents to meet me here.

30 minutes later the two couples arrived and we got talking.

Clara:Our mum and dad we have something to tell you.

I could see the anxiousness on their faces;maybe they thought we wanted to tell them that we are ready to get married.

Clara:Vincent and I are breaking up.

The two couples sat on the chair looking like statues; am sure they were still trying to process what we meant.

Mr Michaels (Clara’s dad):You guys are joking right?

Clara:No we are not
All eyes turned to me___they wanted me to talk.

Mr Tommy(My dad):Vincent what is happening?

My mouth felt like it was sealed up but I managed to talk.

Me:She………… she………….she said she want to cancel our engagement.

Mrs Michaels: Clara is that true?

Clara:Yes but you know I won’t do something like that without a reason.

Mrs Tommy:So can you tell us what the reason is?

Clara:Vince is…………is………….just ask him to say it by himself.

Mr Tommy:Vincent can you let us know why you two are taking this decision?
I looked at my dad,I wanted to talk but how was I going to say it?

Clara:I know he wouldn’t want to say what he did because it is totally……………I don’t even know what to say.

Our parents were already impatient now and I could see it on their faces.

Mr Tommy:Why don’t you guys go straight to the point and stop beating around the bush?

Clara:Vincent is cheating on me.

Mrs Michaels: What?

Mrs Tommy:That’s not possible.

Mr Michaels: Clara what proof do you have to support what you are saying?

Clara:Are you all doubting me?I was there when his new girlfriend called him and told him to come over that she was……………..Just forget am done.

Clara stood up and ran to her room locking the door behind her.

* * * * * * * * * * *
24 hours later

Clara’s parents had taken it more easily than I originally thought they would because I played with their only daughter’s heart.The deal which was the main reason why we got engaged in the first place was not canceled;I guess they were already used to each other.

*1 week later*

I was in Rita’s house sleeping on the bed on which I had bleeped her few minutes ago.

Rita:Baby I want to rush down to somewhere to collect something from my friend.

Me:No problem,I will be waiting.
She kissed me and left. I was left all alone at home,I didn’t feel like watching TV so I decided to rummage through the stuffs in the room.I opened her drawer which was full mainly of girls stuffs,I got tired of it and as I was about to close the drawer, my eyes caught a glimpse of something. I wanted to leave it but my mind told me to check it.I stretched my hand forward and picked it up;it was a photo album.

Why was this one here?Rita had shown me all the album in her house except this one.I opened the first page and on it was the picture of Rita and a guy in what seems like an engagement party.

Could it be that……………….no way,that is not possible.I continued opening it and it was full of Rita and the guy’s picture.Maybe she had a younger brother she didn’t tell about or maybe he was her cousin or a relative of hers.

I was about to close it when I saw some pictures that really got me; it was Rita and the guy kissing and some they were in awkward positions for relatives.The last one was stunning;Rita and the guy nude pics banging each other.

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