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My fiancee - Season 1 - Episode 15
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* * * * * * * * * * *

I didn’t even know what I was doing anymore,this past two weeks has been too dramatic for me. First it was Clara breaking up with me then thinking I still had Rita,Rita had told me she was just playing with me.I was told she left coma two days ago which means she spent 5 days there; none of my business anyway.Nobody really knew what happened because what I kept on telling anyone who cared to was that she slipped and hit her head on the floor.I had personally taken her to Frank’s hospital,although he refused to accept her at first but seeing that I was the cause he had no other choice since he didn’t want to drag my name into the mud.

Frank:Vince what did you do to this girl?

Me:Erm…………. I

Frank:You beat her up,isn’t it?


Frank:Common Vince am a doctor and I can see that you beat her up because………..don’t worry,at least thank God you decided to bring her here, if not am sure the news would have already been out by now.

Vincent: Thank you.By the way,what of Clara?

Frank:She is doing fine and by the way,she is getting married in two weeks time.
I looked at Frank,could he be serious?Just 1 month after our breakup and she is getting married, was this guy she was about getting married to in her life before or why were they rushing the wedding?

That was about one week ago,i sat thinking about everything one after the other.But the truth is what I felt or had for Rita was that love or lust? It was different from what I felt for Clara;anytime I saw her, I felt like having s*x with her unlike Clara.That was definitely lust. I guess I let my body win over my heart.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Fast forward
2 weeks later

Two wedding were going to take today,one was Clara’s one and two was Rita and her fiance.I had even forgotten about all the wedding not until I called Frank to join me for a drink and he told he wouldn’t because he had to attend Clara’s wedding.Clara had always said she wanted a low key wedding;a church wedding and I guess that was what she got because no invitation card were printed,a lot of people were not invited maybe only family and friends.
Rita was getting married today,that b***h was getting married today,I must destroy this wedding.I brought out my laptop,opened the file folder I had kept all the picture Rita was in and videos and smiled wickedly.I was going to send this to her fiance.We still had 5 hours before they start the wedding.It was a pity the large cake they might have baked may go to waste but none of my business.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Angelina:Hey girl dress up on time or are you not hapy?

Clara:Why won’t I be happy?

Angelina:Then dress up on time

Clara:Am doing my best. Please help me with the zip.


Just then,Clara’s phone rang

Clara:Who is it?


Clara:Oh let me have it.Hello Frank

Frank:Hello how are you?

Clara:Am fine and you?

Frank:Same.What is taking you so long?

Clara:Taking me so long?

Frank:Yes of course. Am at your place



Clara:Thank you

Frank:What is that for?

Clara:I thought you were not going to show up.

Frank:I have no reason not to.

Clara:Okay I will down in some minutes.

15 minutes later,Angelina came down looking fully dressed

Mr Michaels: (Playfully)So miss where is the bride?

Angelina: (Smiles)She is coming.

After waiting for about 10 minutes,everybody started getting impatient;they were wasting time.

Mr Michaels:Somebody should check what this girl is still doing

Angelina rushed upstairs, Clara was through by the time she came down;she had said she wanted to pray so how long was she praying for.

Angelina got upstairs but on getting there,she did not see Clara,she checked everywhere but still nothing.

Then it dawned in her,Clara was missing.

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