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My fiancee - Season 1 - Episode 17
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Kingsley could not believe what he was hearing.Rita was pregnant?He had just come back five days ago and nothing ever happened between them.’What exactly was she doing when I was not around?’Kingsley asked himself.

Kingsley:Doctor what did you say happened to my wife?

Doctor:Your wife is pregnant sir.

Kingsley:I don’t think you are holding my wife test results maybe you got it mixed up.

Doctor:Sir nothing of such has ever happened in this hosital before.The result shows that she is 1 week pregnant.

Kingsley collected the result,looked at it to confirm but it was still the same thing.

Mr Williams (Snr):What is it Kingsley?
Kingsley handed the paper to his father,he just couldn’t believe it;his fiance whom he had so much trusted had betrayed him.

The whole people there(families and friends) started passing the result around;they were all dumbstruck on seeing it.

Mr Williams(Snr):This is unbelievable.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Rita had woken up about an hour ago but she knew she better not step out of the room for now;she had heard the nurses congratulating her about her getting pregnant.
‘What was this all about?’She asked herself.How could she be pregnant?This was not possible.1 week pregnant!!!She had broken up with Vincent 2weeks ago so what was this all about?

* * * * * * * * * * *

I opened my eyes and I looked around;I could see that the room I was in was fully occupied although I could not see those who were there because my eyes were still blurry. They tried talking to me but their voice was faint and I couldn’t pick out what they were saying.After about 2 minutes,my eyes finally become clear and I could see those in the room; my parents,Clara’s parents, Sam’s parents and other friends and family members.I don’t how they got to know that I was with Clara because the next question Sam ask was:

“Vincent where is Clara?”
“Clara…….Clara……..”I said; my memory was just coming back fully,I had to find Clara.I tried to stand up but they all quickly held me down telling me I was too weak to go anywhere. Clara was in some sort of danger I could not really point out but I had the feeling she was in danger.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Clara opened her eyes gradually and looked around her;she was in a beautifully decorated room__typical girl room.She looked around then she saw a lady standing in front of the mirror;the lady was tall,lights complexioned and beautiful (she only saw that when the lady turned to face her).

“Hello”The lady said.She had such a sweet and angelic voice but………………..Clara tried to move but she was unable to move;she looked down at herself and saw that she had been tied to the chair she was sitting on.

Clara:What do you want from me?

Lady:Nothing really.Anyway am Benita.

Clara:I don’t need your name,just let me go and I will give you whatever you ask for.

Benita: Really? By the way,what I need from you is something you can easily give me

Clara:Then let me know me know what it is.

Benita:My fiance Sam

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