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My fiancee - Season 1 - Episode 18
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“Wha……….wha……….what are you saying?”Clara stammered.

Benita:You think am lying.

She went to a drawer;probably her drawer and brought out an album.
“You think am lying,take a look at this”Benita said opening the album roughly in front of Clara.

Benita: You can see for yourself, right? Clara I don’t want you to get hurt.

Clara:Get hurt?

Benita:As long as I want something, I don’t hesitate in using violence to get it. I have been watching you for the past 3 weeks; I was watching your every move,I thought you would quit on time but no;you continued up till this stage.And you even got a friend injured.

The last sentence got Clara;she had totally forgotten about Vincent because of the crisis she was in.

Clara:If anything happens to him,I won’t take it easy with you.

Benita:Really?Anyway if he is someone that is really strong,he will be perfectly fine,I promise you that but why are you so concerned about him?

Clara:What do you have to do with that?

Benita:Miss Michaels you are really funny.You think I don’t know you are still in love with your ex, Vincent?

Clara:What are you insinuating?

Benita:I know you are just trying to get over Vincent but I don’t think you ever will.So you see,there is no need to prolong our discussion, just make one call to Sam;tell him it is over between the both of you and you are free to go home.

Clara looked at Benita with an angry face but to be sincere,she was saying the truth;she was still in love with Vincent,a part of her wanted to spend the rest of her life with him but………

Clara:How am I sure you are going to let me go if I say what you want me to?

Benita:Nice thought.
Benita loosed the rope she used to tie Clara.

Benita:Am sorry for tying you down for too long.

“You can have your phone”Benita said handing Clara her phone.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Kingsley:Rita what explanation do you have to make for your dirty acts?

Rita:Please am really sorry I didn’t tell,I was raped.

Kingsley: What?By who?

Rita:Some guys.

Kingsley:Where did it happen?

Rita:I was coming from somewhere then they stopped me on the road, I thought maybe they were police then they…….they…….


Kingsley started laughing and Rita was startled.

‘Why was he laughing?’Rita thought

Kingsley:You think am a fool, right?You think am going to believe your c--k and bull story? Get out of here before I do something I may end up regretting.

Rita:Kingsley am sorry,I………….

“Get out”Kingsley barked at her.
Rita knew she had lost so she walked away dejectedly.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Where is Clara?”Sam asked me.
What type of dumb question was he asking?
“Young man where have you put Clara”He asked again.

I looked at him;am sure this guy is not normal.

Me:Frank please let me have my phone.

I collected my phone from Frank and as I was about to dial a friend’s numbet;a detective,he snatched my phone and threw it on the floor.I was speechless, I wanted to beat him to pulp but the little pain I was still feeling on my stomach made me decide against that.

Sam:Where did you hide Clara?

Me: Young man the question you are asking me does not have an answer because I don’t know about her kidnapping.

Sam:You are such a bloody liar.

Me:If I orchestrated everything,do you expect me to be lying on this bed this minute?

Sam:Am not a fool.I know this is part of your game

Me:For me to get shot?

Sam:Hey stop talking about getting shot,everyone here knows you were shot with a mere rubber bullet.


What was this guy saying? I looked at everyone but they just stared back at me.It means I was really shot with a rubber bullet.

Me:But at least I got injured in the midst of this whole thing.

Sam:Oh come on.It is only skin deep.

Me:So you wanted me dead?

Sam:I don’t care if you die or not but it would have been better if you did.

Me:Are you afraid of me because you know your wife-to-be is still in love with me.Most of the people there were shocked;they didn’t who I am.Sam got furious and immediately he grabbed my clothes.

Frank:Guys take it easy. We are still looking for a way to locate Clara and you guys can’t cooperate together,what is all this?
Just then,a call came in.

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