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My fiancee - Season 1 - Episode 19
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Epi 19
I looked at my phone on the floor;I wasn’t expecting any call but as I picked it up,the call ended___it was a flashing.I checked the caller but the number was hidden.

Just then,Sam phone rang and as he was about to pick it,the call ended____it was also a flashing from a hidden number.

Frank:Guys what do you suggest because am 100% sure it is Clara abductors who are trying to talk to you.

I looked at Sam;the dummy was out of ideas.

Me:Maybe I should go to John’s office,he might be able to trace the location of the caller.

Frank:Good idea but let me go in your place, you are not too okay to stress yourself.
“Am perfectly fine”I said and tried to stand up but……..d--n,the pain was much. This is definitely not a rubber bullet.

Frank left with Sam;he had really insisted that he had to go because the person we are talking about was his wife-to-be.Everyone started leaving the room one by one till I was left alone.Having nothing to do,I drifted slowly into sleep.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Clara dialed the number and as she was about to place her phone on loudspeaker, she saw that she had mistakenly dialed Vincent’s number,so she quickly ended the call.

Benita:What is it? Why did you end the call?

Clara:I dialed the wrong number.

Benita:Really?You should have told me you don’t know the number off-hand.


“Don’t worry,let me help you with that”Benita said and collected Clara’s phone,dialed Sam’s number and as the call rang once,Clara snatched the phone from her and disconnected the call.

Benita:Hey why did you do that?

Clara:I need to be sure before I take the wrong step.

Benita:What else do you want to know or see before you really know that he is chosen?

Clara:I need to hear it from him before I finally believe.

Benita:Then you can make a call to him.

Clara:No,this should be a face to face discussion and I will also need some of those pictures.

Benita:So Clara you are trying to tell me you want to leave here.

Clara:Yes but am not running away

Benita:You even dare not.But just to let you know,CV fashions located at…………….

Clara:I know you know all those craps

Benita:But you don’t I have some men watching over it.Just a call and boom………that magnificent structure goes down, it is going to be a great news but anyway,I know none of us want this to happen,so no double crossing.

Clara:This obsession of yours won’t get you anywhere.

Benita: I think we are both the same thing, you know why;you are also obsessed with Vincent.

Clara:Am not

Benita:Then what made you leave your wedding to see Vincent?


Benita:I know you won’t say why but I know why.Anyway stop delaying yourself,your family are waiting for you. But before you go,I prepared something for you.

Benita had brought out a tiny mouthpiece capable of staying at the back of the teeth(that was where she put it) and another tiny one which serves as earpiece which could be worn as earring.

Benita:I really want to hear his voice, okay?

Clara:Where is Vincent?

Benita:In the hospital of course.

Clara:I know that is where he should be after what you did to him.Am asking about the particular hospital he is in.

Benita:How am I supposed to know?Did I take him to the hospital?But anyway,thank God I know where he is.


Benita:Why are you so corcerned about him if you really don’t love him?

Clara:He is a friend

Benita:Oh I forgot but why is your company name still CV if you have gotten over him?

Clara: You really expect me to change my brand name which is already gaining ground in the international market just like that,it is not possible.

Benita:Wow I really like your business-sense but that is for another day.You had better get to where you are going on time.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Rita:Dad please am sorry.

Mr Collins:Get out of this house and don’t ever show up in this house.

Her own biological father was disowning her,she really did not know how it happened; 1 week pregnant but she broke up with Vince 2 weeks ago and………….and…………….and………………it came back to her.
1 week ago

Rita sat in the midst of her friends gisting;her fiance was coming back the next day.

Lizzy:Hey baby doll,you know your fiance is coming back tomorrow and all the freedom will soon be over.

Rita:For where? I will still continue enjoying myself the way I used to.

Joyce:Be deceiving yourself

Kate: You had better drink to the fullest today because only God knows when you will get the chance once you are married.

They had started drinking till they got drunk.

Kate:Baby doll you know at times like this when you are about to get married,you……………….you know…………..with………

Rita: Am not interested.

Lizzy:Na lie,you no get mind.

Rita:Don’t bring out the devil in me.

Kate:Let it come out

Rita took her phone,looked her contact list;there was no one she could call.

Lizzy:We are waiting oh.

Rita:I no see anybody oh.

Kate:All this fresh fish wey dey inside here nko?

Rita:How you expect say I go come go………….

Kate:My girl you are a learner.

Kate stood up and went to some guys who were having fun opposite them.

Kate:Who is up for twosome?

The guys;about 5 in number looked at her immediately.

Kate:Am serious.

Four of them shot a look at the last one;it seems he was the capable one.And that was how she got bleeped flesh to flesh by this guy she didn’t know.
Back to present

Rita stood up from where she sat,she was going to look for this guy;thank God she remember his face.Even though she get too drunk,she still always remember all that happened when she was in her drunken state.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I woke up after about 3 hours later,thank God I was feeling a little bit better.I looked at the little table beside my bed and I found a flower.Who could have put that there?I picked it up and and I was about putting it against my nose,Clara came in.

Clara:Oh you are awake
She ran to me and gave me a warm hug

Clara:Are you okay now?

Me:Ye……yes.When did you get back?How did you come back?Are you okay?

Clara:As you can see am totally okay.

Me:Has any other person seen you?


Me:You should call them,they have all been worried.

As she brought out her phone to call her parents first,Sam and Frank rushed in.

On seeing Clara,Sam rushed to her and hugged her tightly,I am not sure if it was sincere or he did it to make me jealous.

Sam:Clara are you okay?Are you hurt anywhere?

Clara:Am perfectly okay

Sam:The kidnappers,do you know where they kept you?How did you manage to escape?

Clara:Sam take it easy.Benita sent a message to you.

Sam: Be…….be…………………….Benita.Who is Benita?

He was shocked to hear that name,what in the name of God is happening here?
“The girl in the picture”Clara said and brought out some pictures which she gave to the three of us.

Sam:How………….how did you get this pictures?

Clara: Your business is not to question me about how I got the pictures but instead, tell me who she is to you.

There was silence in the room for about 2 minutes.

Sam:She is my ex

Clara:Really?Sam I trusted you but I can see that you are worse than………… didn’t even tell me you were once engaged.

Sam:En…….en…………you didn’t meet with
Benita,did you?

Clara:I guess there is a lot you are hiding from me.

Sam:Am really not hiding things from you.Clara,Benita and I broke up before I started dating you.Clara am saying the truth .Please don’t do this to me

Clara:I need to hear from Benita that you guys have broken up for real.

Sam:Is that all you need?


Sam:Then I will get it.

Sam left the room and Clara sat on the bed,she was heartbroken;I looked at her face,it was a pity I threw her away out of stupidity but anyway I regret it now and I have learnt my lesson.

I hugged Clara;I knew she needed a little bit of comfort.How I wish I could get a second chance to make things better?
“Clara will you give me a second chance?I promise to make everything better”I blurted out without even thinking;I had said that unwillingly but now Clara was looking straight into my eyes.Could it be a yes?

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