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My fiancee - Season 1 - Episode 21
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* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After calling her,I started wondering why I had called her.I had not really wanted to see her again after the breakup but here we are seeing each other again.

She starting walking towards us or should I say me.She was looking haggard,I wanted to laugh but i quickly restrained myself.

“Hello” She said as she got to where we all stood.I don’t know if the greeting was directed to me or all of us but I don’t care anyway.

Everyone of them started looking at me;I knew they were expecting me to talk but instead I just stood mute.

When the silence got frustrating,Rita finally broke the silence.

Rita:Vince I know you must heard of everything I have been going through these past few days and you must be happy about it.

Rita stopped talking and it was as if she was thinking of what to say next.But to be sincere,I was happy she was suffering right now,I had heard she was pregnant and………….and…………if she is here,could it be that she came to……….no way that was happening.

Rita:By the way, I know you must have heard I am pregnant.

My heart skipped a beat,why was she telling me?God don’t let me be responsible.
“So who is responsible?” I asked her with my heart beating wildly against my rib cage.

Rita:That is why I am here.

I felt like fainting, God let what am thinking of be a lie. Everyone were already looking at me,I could see Sam already smiling.

“You are responsible” Rita said pointing to me…………….no…………

to the most unexpected person;Sam.
Sam froze and I was happy and surprised at the same time.

Happy because I was not responsible for the pregnancy and surprised because I didn’t even know Sam and Rita knew each other not to talk of having s*x together.

Sam:Young lady you must be drunk

Rita:Am not

Sam:Then you must be daydreaming.

Rita:I wish I am

Benita:Sam what is happening?

Sam:I……I…….I don’t know

Rita: Then let me explain how it all happened in case you have forgotten.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Rita had told a quite crazy story;although she was feeling humiliated during the whole period she was narrating the whole story,the whole story had made her look like a cheap sl*t;she felt it was necessary to avoid giving birth to a bastard.

Benita:I can’t believe all these.Sam you are so shameless but anyway I don’t blame you, if not those useless girls who lured you into it.By the way Miss Rita,my fiance is not accepting that bastard you are carrying in your stomach so you had better dispose it off.

Rita: Hello Miss that is not possible

Benita:Then do whatever you want with it.

Rita:He is the owner of this baby in my womb

Benita:What proof do you have to back that up?

Rita:He knows he is responsible so……….

Clara:Enough of all these rubbish.You guys are attracting a lot of people.

The two women had stopped shouting but were still looking at each other angrily.

Clara:Look Sam it is over between me and you.


We all stepped out of the club,I felt happy;I guess I might get another chance.
“Clara would you give me a second chance” I asked as we walked to our car.She stared at me the same way she had stared at me at the hospital, was she going to ignore again?.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I woke in the morning feeling excited, I stretched,stood up before taking a look at the bed.On the bed was my wife,Clara;we got married about 2 months ago and she is now pregnant with our first child.

A lot happened after we left the club that day,first the two ladies had later gotten involved in a fight but no one got injured.A day later,the news came in;Rita had lost the pregnancy,maybe it was due to the fight but all we heard was that it was miscarriage.After the incident,the two ladies were still at each other throat because of nothing in particular.2 weeks later,another news came in;Rita’s death.She was said to have died from an accident but I never really bought it because I knew Benita could do something like that but no finger was pointed at her.

The last news which came in was the engagement of Frank and Angelina.I was happy Frank was finally ready to settle down and he got a good girl.

I looked down at my wife again and smiled,thank God I didn’t lose her totally.I was now a happy man.

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