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My fiancee - Season 1 - Episode 5
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Immediately I saw Clara,I became dumbstruck and I didn’t know what to do.If I started begging Clara,I would lose my chance of dating Rita but on the other hand,if I didn’t say anything,my relationship with Clara is definitely over;so I quickly chose the former.

Me:Clara I can……..
Clara:Vince what are you doing here?
Immediately she finished talking,I got the message; Clara was drunk.She was laughing awkwardly and her mouth smelt of alcohol.I was very sure she did not know what was going on around her anymore so I crossed the idea of begging her in the presence of Rita but I still had to leave there to avoid suspicion from Rita.
Me:Hey I think we should leave.
But it was as if Clara has had everything set up because the moment I grabbed Rita’s hand and turned to go,she slumped down and immediately I threw Rita’s hand down and caught Clara before she hit the ground.
Rita:Hey Vince do you know her?
Me:No but I think her face looks familiar
Rita:So what are you going to do with her?
‘I am going to throw her away;stupid question’ I thought in my mind.
Me:We could possibly look for maybe her cellphone or something we could use in identifying her.
Rita:But why do seem to be so concerned? I mean take a look at everyone,they are all having fun but here we are stressing ourselves over one ………….
Just then Rita’s phone rang and she picked it.After talking for about 5 minutes, she faced me
Rita:Vince pls I really have to go now,it is really urgent.
Me:You can take my car since you didn’t bring yours.
Rita:Then how do you get home?
Me:Don’t worry I will handle my self.
I gave her my keys then followed her outside to ensure that she has really left before coming back to attend to Clara.
* * * * * * * * * *

The next morning
I sat on the sofa I had slept on the other night, I kept on looking at Clara waiting for her to wake up but I think due to the fact that she wasn’t the type who take alcohol, the alcohol she had taken yesterday was having its full effect on her.
I switched on my phone and the first message of the day came in from Rita
“Thank you for yesternight,it was nice spending my time with you.Hope to do it again soon”
I scrolled down and I saw another message from Rita
“So Vince what did you do to that drunk woman yesterday?”
Thank God I already thought of something like this, I quickly replied;
“I happened to find her driver’s number on her phone and luckily he was the one who brought her to the club so the both of us just took her to the car and that was the end “.
But the truth was that I actually brought her home myself.
I don’t know how long she has been awake but the moment I looked up,I saw Clara looking at me
Me:Hey you are awake
Clara:What are you doing here?
She tried to stand up but instead she just sat down back.I knew if I am unable to let her forgive me today then I don’t think I will ever get any other chance.
Me:Darling actually you happened to get drunk at the club so I guess because of the drink,you slumped then some people called my number with your phone and I came to pick you up.
Clara:Why did you come to pick me up when you truly don’t care about me?
This was my chance to let her accept me into her life once more and I had to really use it.

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