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My fiancee - Season 1 - Episode 6
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“Clara pls just give me a chance to explain myself” I said as I tried to hold her hands but immediately she shrugged me off.

Clara:So what do you have to explain?

Me:Clara there is nothing between me and this girl. I simply don’t know why she is trying to be close to me

Clara:Vince enough of your lies, please……….

Me:Clara I can’t believe that after all these years you can still doubt my love for you to the extent that you are now thinking that am cheating on you.Clara am…….I don’t know what to say but since you don’t want me in your life anymore, I don’t think I can force you to love me. So Miss, I will be leaving but always remember I will have you in my heart.
I picked my wallet and phone and then turned to go.

Clara:Vince wait
I stood at the doorway waiting for her to say what she wants to say but instead she just came, stood in front of me and hugged me.If it was a goodbye hug or a welcome back hug I didn’t know,but I was still to find out.

Clara:Vince am sorry for not trusting you,I dont know what came over me;I guess I was just being too jealous and over-protective but please don’t leave me alone.

Am I dreaming? I blinked my eyes to make sure I was not daydreaming or hearing things but I saw that it was real.My plan worked after all. I was not planning on going anywhere,I just decided to use a new trick because I knew she could not do without me .

Me:Clara are you serious?You have forgiven me?

“Yes dear am serious” She said and kissed me.

Finally I got this girl back.

Clara:You are going to spend the whole weekend with me and no objection
“Yes Ma” I said and laughed at the way she had said it;boss lady.

Clara:I will send someone to get you your clothes and other stuffs you will be needing because you will be here with me until Monday morning.

I was going to spend the whole weekend with Clara and I won’t be able to talk to Rita during the whole period because Clara won’t accept it.

Clara:Hey Vince it’s been a long time since you went shopping with me,so what about we go shopping today?

Me:No problem but am definitely not going out in this clothes

Clara: I already sent my driver to get your clothes so you don’t need to worry.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We went to the supermarket and although I normally find shopping boring,it was always fun with her.We finished shopping a little too fast so we decided to walk around before going home and after walking around a little bit, we went back to our car and as I was about the door, I heard someone call my name.I turned back only to see Rita standing some feet’s from me looking stunningly beautiful.

Rita:Hey Vince what are you doing here?

Me:Actually I just came shopping
Clara stood there looking at us without saying anything then after about 2 minutes,the two ladies finally noticed each other or pretended to just notice each other.

Clara & Rita(At the same time):Hi
After the short greeting,the two ladies shot me a look which I immediately interpretated as ‘who is she?’
I knew I could not keep mute but introducing my fiance would only mean that I would loose my chance of having anything to do with Rita but I had to do it.

Me: Clara this is Rita and Rita,this is Clara my……………

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