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My fiancee - Season 1 - Episode 7
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* * * * * * * * * *


Me:Clara this is Rita and Rita this is Clara my………


I looked at Clara but instead she took her eyes off me and faced Rita.What is this girl saying?Is she still drunk?

Clara:So Miss,I hope you are taking care of my brother

Rita: (Laughs) Your brother is the one taking care of his self, I don’t have anything to do with it oo.

After talking for about 30 minutes,we finally told each other goodbye before we all left for our various destinations.As we drove home,I decided to question Clara about what she did.

Me:Darling why did you introduce yourself as my sister?

Clara:Because I just felt like it
What is wrong with this girl? Was the alcohol still worrying her? I felt like Clara had wanted to get something from introducing herself as my sister but I could not point out what it was.

The weekend was really exciting and on Monday morning,I felt like not going to work but staying here with her the whole day.During the weekend, we acted like a couple although we did not do the….the…..the hmm hmm.

Even though I did not feel like going to work at first,on getting to work,I changed my mind because I had planned to run away from work to go and meet Clara at her own workplace. I could not just walk away from this pretty damsel without flirting with her.Rita was clad up in a tight fitting gown which really brought out her curves, her a*s were OMG;I never knew she had something like that before, they were so tempting.Then it was as if she was also trying to make me see all this because next she turned her face to me and I could not believe it,her b**bs were……….. I don’t know what to say;I felt like pulling them out of that clothes and sU-Cking the hell out of them.

Rita:Hey wake up

Me:Oh sorry I was just thinking of something.

But actually,I was lost in fantasy not really thinking of anything.

Rita: Vince the reason why I am here this early morning is to invite you to my birthday party.

Me: Birthday party?When?

Rita:Saturday and I don’t want any excuses from you.

You can even invite that your sister too.
No be only sister I go invite, I go invite mummy join.

Me: Okay

* * * * * * * * *

Clara sat in her office talking with her best friend Angelina, gisting her about everything that happened during the weekend.

Clara:By the way,I already met Rita

Angelina: Who is that?

Clara:The girl I told you about,Vince partner.

Angelina:Really?Where did you guys meet?

Clara:We met at the supermarket on saturday..

Angelina:And did Vince introduce you to her as his fiance?

Clara: Hmmmm actually he wanted to but before he could talk I already introduced myself to her as his sister.

Angelina:Tell me you are joking?

Clara:Am not joking

Angelina:Why would you do something like that?You should have introduced yourself as Vince’s fiance so that she can know that Vince is engaged because am 100% sure that Vince won’t have told her.

Clara: Seriously,I had something else in mind

Angelina:And what is that?

Clara:Actually I thought if I did that,she might want to flirt with him or just do or say something to confirm my suspicions.

Angelina:So did you get anything?

Clara:No.Everything looked perfect because there was no too much of eye contact or anything

Angelina:So I guess with that you no longer doubt Vince,right?


Angelina: Whatever. Let us change the topic.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Throughout the workdays,me and Rita were always around each other and even after closing, we would just walk around talking or sightseeing for about 3 hours.We became closer than before.

Saturday soon came and immediately I woke up, I took my phone,typed a romantic birthday message I had copied from one app the other day and sent it to her.Although the party was a night party,I felt it wasn’t bad if I went there in the afternoon, I knew she would be happy to see me.After doing some little stuffs at home,I sat down to eat the food I had prepared that morning when Clara’s call came in.OMG!!!!!

Was this girl going to stop me from going to this party? I dropped my phone refusing to pick the call but then on a second thought,I decided to pick it because I knew if she tried my number and it was not available,she would come to my house immediately.

I picked the call and waited to hear what she had to say

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