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My fiancee - Season 1 - Episode 9
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Was this girl tempting me? How could she ask me to spend the night at her place? But there was no way I could turn her down.

I looked around, the room was almost empty by now as most of the guests were now taking their leave.The girl who I had seen talking with Rita soon came over;I guess she too was about to take her leave.

Rita:Vincent this is Joyce my best friend and Joyce,this is my partner Vincent.

We shaked each other and the girl finally took her leave leaving me and Rita alone in the room.

Rita:So Mister are you ready to sleep or……..

Me: Am not really an early sleeper so I guess am still up for now.

Rita:OK then.Am going to take a shower so I will join you when am through.

She pushed me to the chair and threw the remote to me before proceeding to maybe her room or one of her rooms.

There was nothing much to watch so I brought out my phone to call Clara.At least she should have arrived in Paris by now.

Me:Hello darling

Clara:Hello baby how are you doing?


Clara:Really?Does that mean you are not missing me?

Me:No way.Am seriously missing you right now

Clara:Really?So what did you have for dinner?

Me:Just snacks

Clara:And why is that?

Me:I was just too tired to prepare anything

Clara:Sorry about that.So what are you doing now?

Me:Nothing much,just watching a programme before I go to bed.

Clara:Okay.Anyway,am already feeling sleepy so maybe we will continue tomorrow

Me:OK then.Bye.Love you

Clara:Love you too
We ended the call and I changed the station to one music station.Just then,Rita came downstairs putting on only her night gown.Her night gown was transparent and I could see that she was wearing only her [email protected],no bra;what kind of temptation is this?
“Hey so what have you been watching?” She said as she sat near me

Me:Nothing much.Just some music videos.

Rita:Since you love watching music videos, I guess you must be a good dancer.

Me:No I don’t know how to dance

Rita:Liar,have you forgotten we danced together at the club the other day? You really danced well.

Me:Stop teasing me

Rita:Am not

Me:Yes you are

Rita:Okay since you were unable to dance with me at the party, I guess you have to do that now

Me:But the party is over

Rita:Yes and you didn’t attend it,that is why I am asking you to dance now

Me:Am not a good dancer

Rita:Am not arguing about that but I have to check that out myself.

I stood up reluctantly and I didn’t know what to do.Suddenly Rita grabbed me and pulled me close to her or maybe too close.I could feel her n*****s against my chest,I just had to control myself but I think this girl was looking for something else.

Rita:This music is too dull for my liking.
She took the remote and changed it to one crazy hip hop music.

Rita:Common you danced to this in the club,so why are you standing now?

I knew if I started dancing it could lead to something else,so I stood there smiling foolishly at what she was saying.

Rita:Okay.I think you are waiting for me to start.No problem.

The next thing I knew,this girl was already twerking;rolling her a*s on my d**k.This girl was probably doing this on purpose,she wanted something.

Bad boy activated

I started dancing to the music and since she was still twerking,I grabbed her waist and started rolling it;her a*s was turning me on but I better stop before it is too late,I don’t want to betray my fiance.I fell on the chair as if I was tired so she won’t suspect that I quit on purpose.

Rita:So you are already tired within these few minutes.

She sat near me and this time around,she put her head on my shoulder.

Am I even crazy? I saw fresh girl like her trying to throw herself to me,I am behaving like moron?A girl I have looking for a way to date and now what is in front of me is more than date .I had better wake up.

I put my hand across her shoulder and then she changed the station to M Movie Zone.After about 30minutes,they changed to scene to one of these crazy scenes-american films;they must do the do in almost all their film but this particular one was hardcore.My underground knight was gaining momentum but I was managing to cool him down.I noticed Rita was not talking or making any sound,only her breathing was all I could hear.Should I try my luck?Maybe or Maybe not. I used to be a bad boy in my university days,always bleeping girls at every given chance and being a rich and intelligent guy,girls were always willing to open their legs for me but ever since I got engaged to Clara,it all stopped.I had not had s*x since I got engaged to her not even with her,because she claimed she was an holy Mary.Maybe this was my chance after about 2years.

Since my hand was across her shoulder,I stretched it downward and let it rest on her b****t.She didn’t talk;maybe she didn’t feel it.Should I make another move?What if I make it and everything goes wrong? I knew she was definitely not sleeping. I proceeded forward and gave her n****e her gentle sq££ze and……………

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