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My instagram Love - Season 1 - Episode 46
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Anyway, there was only one way for me to find out. I grabbed my crutches, managed to get up, picked up the tray that contained the bowl and glass I’d used, and limped out of the room. I dropped off the dishes in the kitchen sink first, before I took a very good look at my reflection in the mirror on the blue wall, made a silly grimace at myself because I was nervous, and then I walked out of the kitchen and went downstairs.
“Kennedy?” I conquered the final step, hardly believing my eyes. “Is this you—for real?”

Ken simply smiled as he stood up out of sheer courtesy, holding two polythene bags with both hands, looking so shy. “My dear Lola. You look good in that dress. And, yes, I’m the one. Am I welcome here?”
“Thanks for the compliment. But, seriously, is that a rhetorical question?” I smiled, shaking my head based on the fact that he was even more nervous than I was. “Of course, you’re always welcome here, and you know that. So stop acting like a confused tourist and come give mamma a hug!”
I could’ve sworn I actually saw Ken’s eyes glitter like pearls when he heard the last sentence I said, as if he had been longing for a direct contact between me and him for ages. With lightning speed, he dropped the items he was holding on the center table, walked towards me and enveloped me in his thin arms for a while. All I could do was smile and embrace him back with one arm, since I needed the other hand for support or I would fall like the ancient walls of Jericho, which I wasn’t looking forward to at all.
There was nobody else in the living room but Kaila, my pet cat, sleeping peacefully under the dining table. I was sure my father would’ve returned to his bedroom for a nap after such a delightful meal he just had. He was a businessman who dealt on the import and export of vehicles so he was barely ever around a particular spot for too long, but whenever he had the chance to come back home and see his family, he always made the best of it and showed us that he still cared about us as much as we loved him too. As for my mother, she was a full-time housewife. She must’ve gone to the market already, because she informed me about it the previous day which was a sunny Friday.

Unlike Prince Charming’s facial features, Kennedy’s hair was short and tinted with brown dye, his eyebrows weren’t full, his eyes were like rare black diamonds, his nose wasn’t pointed but was nice and cute, his lips were naturally pinkish because of his sunburnt complexion, and his chin was as clear as a new born baby’s face. Although he had a moustache which was well-kept, I still thought he’d look better with a well-groomed beard just like Banky W’s own. I was even tempted to tell him what I had in mind concerning his child-like face, but I rebuked the awkward thought at once. I’d never let the devil use me again. Nevermore!

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