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My instagram Love - Season 1 - Episode 47
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Kennedy was among those who stood by me in the hospital in spite of his tight schedule as a registered Uber taxi driver. He was always active—as busy as a bee. He’d gone out of his way to spend good time with me, and the least I could do was show him some love in return. He deserved it. He deserved even more than a hug! I would’ve pecked him on the cheek to express my gratitude, but I didn’t want him to have any ill thought about me or question my home training, so after we broke the hug I made sure I thanked him the proper way instead.

“Come on. It’s nothing. You are always welcome here.” Ken pointed at his chest for emphasis, indicating his invisible big heart. “And you know that’s true. Don’t you?”

“Well, I’m not so sure.” I shrugged, making a face. “It’s a cold world. People change faster than one could ever imagine, you know?”
“Yeah. I know.” He answered, smiling. “But that’s where you’re wrong. I’m not people. I’m Kennedy.”
“Well, then, let’s see how it goes.” I said softly, trying not to sound too pessimistic. “Time will tell.”
Kennedy sighed, making a contorted facial expression too. “So are we just going to stand here all day, arguing about baseless issues instead of sitting comfortably on a sofa right there…” he pointed, batting his eyelashes, “…like normal people do.”
I tried not to laugh but I couldn’t help it. I burst into laughter to the extent that my eyes became filled with tears. Kennedy probably felt like a boss because he had cracked me up as usual. I could see the look of fulfillment in his eyes as he kept on smiling and staring at me, impressed. After I had gotten a great fit, we both went to sit on the sofa, close to each other.

“What can I offer you as a first-time visitor?” I asked, fiddling with my fingernails because I was nervous. “We’ve got Egusi soup in the kitchen. We have raw rice, nice beans, wheat flour and various ingredients in there, too. I could make–”
“Water.” Kennedy chipped in before I could say anything else. “That’s all I need.”

“Excuse me? Just water?”
“Yes.” He affirmed. “A glass of cold water, please.”
“As you wish.”
I was about to get up when Ken extended his left hand and picked up one of the polythene bags on the glass table. “Hey. I brought fruits.”

“For my mother?” I winked at him, raising a brow. “Someone is crushing on my beautiful momsy! Aww!”
Kennedy burst into laughter almost immediately. “Are you crazy, Lola? She’s a married woman for God’s sake. Stop that. I won’t take that from you. Come on!”
“I’m just kidding, though. Take a chill pill, man.” I laughed too, collecting the nylon bag from him. “What’s inside this thing, anyway? It’s quite heavy! I’m sure it’s not just fruits. Right?”

Ken simply smiled and said, “Open it and feed your eyes.”

Out of sheer curiosity, I adhered. I almost couldn’t believe what I saw!

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