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My Master - Season 1 - Episode 19
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My heart was still racing through my chest as he was holding on me tighter than he was. He kept
sushing in my ear telling me that everything that everything was alright that he was here and I
honestly couldn’t stop crying. He pulled away and looked in my eyes. “Are you sure you are ok
baby?” He asked “Yes… no” I said. “Tell me sweet heart” he said kissing me. “I was so scared
baby and I didn’t know if you were coming for me and he was about to..” I was still crying and
barely got those words out when he cut me off “I know baby I know. It was your fathers idea. He
set that guy up to pick a fight with me so they could grab you” he said “why would they do that?” I
asked “Ok I guess I better tell you when a Master becomes an official master he has a few
guidelines of his own. These are some old school rules that very few guys go by any more. But
when a Master gets married to a woman he yes she is claimed by him permanently and is officially
off the market to say. But any master can up and to pretty much f--k the other Masters wife one
more time before she’s permanently married and can’t be touched unless given permission..well
there are only a few guys here that are married baby and when they got married yes other guys
did f--k and mess around with them about f-----g their wife but they never did through with it.
Because this group of masters do respect each other especially when one gets married. But just to
be a big a-----e I know your father did that just to set me over the edge and have you f----d with.

But if a master is married and wants another master to f--k his wife he can arrange it. But anyother master cant ask the married master to have his woman if that makes sense.” He said “It
does” I said.

“Ok so don’t worry I am never going to have another man touch you or have sex with you or
anything ok baby?” He said I just shook my head yes as I was starting to calm down some. “I am
going to guess and say my dad was open like that and passed my mother around even when they
were married” I asked. “Yes baby your father is an a-----e and ive never liked him from the
beginning” he said. “Do you always want to be a master baby?” I finally asked.

He just sighed ” I knew this was going to be asked one day. Yes and no. Yes to the point I have to
if I quit I will be killed. And no because I have you now but its a life choice I choose about a year
ago and its something I am stuck with and baby just trust me when that’s all I can say about it” he
said. I just shook my head yes wondering what else could there be and what wasn’t he telling me.

He leaned in and kissed me. “Thank you for trusting me and know I will always protect you” he
said. “I know you always will” I said.
I was only sitting there in my bra and he looked at me and asked. “Where did he touch you?” He
asked I just closed my eyes and said my breasts my lower body my thighs and…” I stopped “Tell
me” he said. “He slide his fingers inside of me” I said looking down. “I am going to kill him” he said
standing up. “Ahhh” he growled punching the wall. I just froze watching pace back and forth. I
didn’t know what to do. “Let’s get out of here baby before I do something stupid” he said. “Um
baby I have no clothes on” I said he just looked over at me. And then turned around” I will be right
back” he said opening the door and shutting it.

I pulled this blanket that was on the chair over me until he got back. He came back a few minutes
later with my dress. “Come here babe” he said as I stood up and dropped the blank as he lifted the
dress over my head. He was torn up the side and one of the straps was too. He took off his jacket
and wrapped it around me. He kissed my forehead and hugged me. “Lets go home baby” he said
opening the door and picking up my hand and walking in front of me. As we walked down the hall
way and down the stairs. We had a guy approach us which I think was one of Stephens good

“Everything alright bud?” He asked. “Yeah man” Andrew said. “Did he hurt your wife?” He asked.

“No well he tried but I stopped it before anything happened” Andrew said to him. “Good he doesn’t
need to be disrespecting you and your wife like that” he said hugging him. Andrew just nodded
and said “We are going to get out of here” “Alright man I will hala at you later on” he shaking
Andrew hand. The man turned and smiled at me as I did back. As Andrew took my hand and we
walked out the front door. We walked to the car he opened the door for me and I got in. He got in
his side started the car and we drove home. We didn’t say a single word about any of what
happened and after that night we never did mention it again

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