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My Master - Season 1 - Episode 21
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When we got home I directly went to bed crawled up in and la!d down. I didn’t know what to think
or even say to him. I honestly just needed him to tell me the truth. I felt him crawl up behind and
wrap his arms around me. “I am very happy we are having a baby” he whispered. I really was too to be honest I just rolled over and smiled at him.

F--k it I thought to myself even though this might start a fight I didn’t care I needed to know. “Can
you tell me the truth baby?” I asked him. “About what?” He asked “Why its bad if we have a
daughter?” I said “You know about that?” He asked “Well you and your buddy the doctor are pretty
loud talkers” I said “Oh” he sighed.

“Ok I will tell you. In the master society baby, it is a good thing to have a baby but only a son. A
daughter to them is like a lowest of the low slave. That’s another reason why your father treated
you like shit growing up. You were a lower slave than an adult woman slave. But having a son
makes them get praised pretty much. If the wife of a master has a son she is praised and treated
like a goddess pretty much the way of taking away from her that she doesn’t have the title of a slave any more. But if she has a daughter then she gets down graded to lower than her daughter.”
He said

“So what will happen to me if we have a daughter?” I asked “Well supposedly baby you are still
technically married to me but I cant stop no one or have no say in if they want to do things to you.
Remember that scream you heard at the last party?” He asked “Yes” I said. “That was Ricks wife

she was getting punished by another Master for having a daughter. And I don’t know if you noticed
the man pacing and looking like he was about to kill everyone in sight. That was Rick. He had no
say in it and one of the main masters took her and from what I was told beat her almost to death
and raped her over and over again” he said.

“What if we have a daughter baby?” I started to cry. “Remember what I told you I would always
protect you and if we have a daughter I won’t let anyone hurt you even if I have to sacrifice myself”
he said. “So are we allowed to find out the sex during the pregnancy?” I asked. “Traditionally no.

They want you to wait until the baby is born. And which the doctor you met today he will be
delivering our baby and I don’t trust hospitals so I want you to have the baby at home. But I think I
am going to be sneaky and have him find out if its a boy or girl that way if it is a girl I have some
time to figure things out before she is born” he said “Ok” I said “Do you trust me baby?” He asked
with sad eyes. “Yes I do baby” I said “Good I will have myself killed before I let anything happen to
you or my baby” he said kissing me

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