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My Personal Taste - Season 1 - Episode 34
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*Kelly’s point of view continues*

I had transfered and stored the video on my phone..

on my laptop..

On every device i know that i got and can store the video.

I was ready for Sugar and my mom..

I so much have had enough of them both..
Seeing this video had taken out some beast in me and i was determined to get that b---h out of my life and bring my mom back to her senses..

With this video.. im sure my mom would never want to talk about Sugar again..

I needed someone to talk to…and I know Rose can not be of any help right now..

Then there was no other person i could think of reaching, but Kelvin..Kel.
He had this smart brain of giving a helpful advice and making out awesome plans.
Yes.. I would need to talk to him about this.
I picked up my phone and dialled his line.
It rang and he picked just in time..
“Hey buddy.” He spoke first.
He is always the first.
“Hey Kel. Whatsup?” I asked him.
“Im good man!” He said.
“Kel.. Can we meet up somewhere cool and private?” I asked him.
“Ummm…That is only but my house or yours.” He said.
“Any probs?” He asked.
“Nothing that big.. Im coming down to your house.” I said.
“Woah! Great then. Come on. Im home.” He said.

“Okay man. See ya.” I said.
“You too.” He said.
I dropped the call and turning over to see Rose still sleeping at my back..
I closed my laptop.. and kept it back.
Then took the cctv camera and my phone..
I stood up and stared at Rose a little.. before I bent down and I gave her a kiss on her fore head.

Then i turned and walked out.
I got out of the house and into my car..
I drove to the gate and I just felt like blowing the f-----g d--n closed gate away..
I angrily got down and pulled the gate open.
Walked back and drove out of the gate.
Then i have to get down again to close it back.
And I did!
Kind of serves me right for not having a gate man.

I drove out of the estate and down to the road..

I felt really happy to know that i have a prove of Sugar’s sex scene with the motherfu-Cker!
With this i know one of my case with Sugar is solved then remaining the DNA she is f-----g rejecting to have.

I seriously know that Sugar isn’t pregnant for me..

Did I even bother to ask her how her old the pregnancy is?

Oh d--n! I didn’t.
I know it haven’t been up to two months that Sugar pushed me and i had we had our first sex.

God! I just wish Sugar never existed! That b---h!
She’ve caused me so much pain and anger.
Changed my mom totally…and now she’s f-----g pregnant and don’t want to go for a DNA test.

But seriously, she’s going for this test..
And she must have the test.
Im gonna make sure i get that b---h outta my life for good!
I can’t bear to see her stupid face anymore..
I wanna quite calling her stupid name and get her out of my thoughts for ever!
She’s just a godamn w---e and she can just go to hell with her f-----g parents!
I hate to think about them..

Im so not gonna give in to their stupid request..and my mom’s demand.
They can all go to hell!


I got to Kel’s house and horned at the gate.. A dark guy who dressed like an hausa opened the gate wicket and came over to me.

I wind down the glass.

“Kud afternoon oga..Na who you dey find?” He asked, as he tapped the stick he held on the ground.

“Good afternoon. Please is this Kelvin Ogbonna’s house?” I asked him.
“Kai..Na e house..” He said, grinning.
“You be my oga friend kwo?” He asked.
“Yes. Is he in?” I asked
“Yes.. My oga tell me i go open gate for e friend. Na you be dah e friend.” He said and then he rushed in and pulled the gates wide open.

I chuckled and drove in..

He came over with the stick at the back of his neck, and resting on his shoulders and he held the both ending with his hand.

“Kai oga.. you too fine, allah. You fineeee.” He said, grinning at me

I shook my head and smiled.
I understood what he want.
I took out some money and stretched it to him.
He took it and waved at me.

“Walai.. u be correct man. Thank you oga.” He said, smiling as he dropped the stick and began counting the money..

I wind up my glass and drove to down to the side of the large compound where he parked his cars.

I turned off the car engine and got down.
The house look just cool and okay for a big photographer.

A bungalow actually but very beautiful.
Kel never had a thing for storey buildinngs and upstairs.

He prefered bungalows.. Nice bungalows and he tried really good on this one.
I dialled Kel’s line and called.
He picked up.

“Hello right at your house..At your door now.” I said.

“Yeah..Saw you drive in.. Im right at the door.” He said and just immediately, the door opened.
“Woah!” He laughed and hugged me, I almost lost my balance.
He’s just too fat..
I laughed, “Man.. you almost fall me down with that.. you better be doing some exercise.” I said and he laughed hard.
“Me don’t give a d--n man..” He said.
I laughed.
“Come on in.” He said and we walked in.
“Not really your fancy man..But try to feel comfortable.” He said as i went for a single sofa and sat down.
His house look just too good with different beautiful pictures and arts all over the walls, making it look more beautiful.
So i don’t get what he meant by not my fancy.

“Man! it look so beautiful…cool house Kel. I love the pictures and arts.” I said.
Kel is an artiste but he prefered to take pictures than to draw and paint.
“Thanks man.” He said
“Lemme offer you a wine.” He said.
“Yeah.. I need it..we need to pop some wine. Im celebrating something so true!.” I said, laughing.
“Woah! What’s that man?” He asked eargerly.
“Go get the wine first.” I said.


“Kel.. I really need your help buddy.” I said as we took the red wine..

“Man! is that the celebration of something so true!” He asked, frowning playfully.
“No.. but its also involved.” I said.
He nodded.
“A month ago.. My mom introduced me to a girl..and serously i fell inlove with her.”
He cut in, “Woah! good news man!” He said.

“Oh calm down. Don’t flap up yet.” I said and he nodded.
“Man.. you know me naw? I f--k girls and you i’ve never f----d without using condom.” I said as i took the glass of wine to my mouth.
He laughed.“Sure. I know you. Bola today, Sally tomorrow and Amaka next tomorrow.” He said.
I laughed, almost pouring out the drink in my mouth.

I swallowed it.
“You know man.. Those days was fun.. Even this time, untill Sugar came in and made me fall for her.” I said painfully.
“Sugar?” He asked. “Who answers Sugar?” He asked.
“The Coker’s daughter.. You know them right? Dr. Williams Coker.” I said.
“Woah! man. Who doesn’t. One of the billionares in this country.” He said.
“Sugar Coker is her name.” I said.
“Woah. Such a sweet name man. I think i’ve seen her in one of the occasions i was incharge of the photographing and videoing.” He said.
I nodded.

“She made me fall inlove with her.. I got no f-----g idea how i did. but i f-----g did..You know me man. I don’t give a thing about love.”
“I do man.” He said.
“But i fell inlove with Sugar! she cheated on me. In my house. She was f-----g a b---h in my sitting room. Can you believe that Kel.?”

“Things happen, man..” He said. “But did you see them? I mean redhanded stuff.” He asked.

“I heard their screams, m0ans and all that s--t.. but now i got this.” I said and brought out my phone..

“Its a video of the d--n sex scene. The cctv camera in my sitting room recorded everything. I even forgot that i got a cctv camera in my house Kel. I saw this this morning..” I said.

“Has it been long the cheat stuff happened?” He asked.

“No.. just friday.. and now she f-----g claims she’s pregnant for me.. Man! I was having sex with her with no glove. But man.. I believe the baby isn’t mine. The b---h is a s--t!” I said with anger boiling inside of me.
“D--n. Kel.. There’s a quick solution to your worries.. a DNA test.” He said, looking at me.
“Thats the problem man. She doesn’t wanna do it! and my mom is f-----g supporting her!” I said with rage.

“Calm down Kel. Just calm down..” He said.
“You know what you gonna do?” He said.

“You insist she goes with you to a hospital.” He said.

“She said she hates hospitals!” I said.
“Then get a doctor to your house to do it.” He said.

“She doesn’t want that either.” I said with so much pains.

“Then use force man! Let her have the DNA with force.” He said.

I sughed, “Her parents could not like that if i do.” I said.

“Her parents? Seriously? you don’t need to be scared of them. Bitches don’t deserve to be scaeed of..” He said.
I nodded and smiled.

“I’ll give you a doctor’s mobile number. You call her and she’ll be too glad to help you.” He said.

“Oh man. Thank you.” I said.

He got out his phone and called the lines to me.

I stored them.

“Doctor Ann is her name. Doctor Ann Kambiri.. You’ll be too glad if you get to meet her. She’s wonderful.” He said.

“Thanks man! Im grateful.” I said.
Kel had always been a great help to me.
“You’ve always been a great help to me man.” I said to him.

“It’s no big thing. I will always do. You were a great help too man.” He said.
I smiled..

“Lemme give you the video to watch man..You need to see the b---h screaming like a crazy dog. She’s just a w---e!” I said.
He laughed.

“You giving me a p--n to watch? Abeg hold am.” He said
I laughed..
“I think say you no dey speak pidgin.” I said.
“Who dey for niger wey no dey speak pidgin?” He asked.
“Sugar Coker” I said and we laughed.

*** **
*Rose’s point of view*

I woke up and saw myself on a bed..Kelly’s bed.. with a duvet perfectly rolled over my body.

I smiled…Knowing it had been the handwork of Kelly.

I rolled the duvet off me and got down.
I yawned as i felt hungry and tired…
I stood up from the bed but then fell back down.

F--k sleep!

I forced myself up and staggered out of Kelly’s room..
But then as i began to walk to my room.. My mind flashed back to that woman..Kelly’s mother!
Her eyes.
Those eyes… How can’t i remember who had those eyes.. That same eyes.
Those hazel eyes..
They remind me of eyes..same eyes of someone I can’t f-----g remember.
..I turned and walked downstairs to look closely at her pictures.
I walked to the largest picture of Kelly’s mom and stared too closely at her eyes… I remember the eyes but i cant remember the face or who that person was to me…
I shut my eyes and shook my head..
No! I must remember this person… that person..

Was it a man or a woman?
I don’t know.
Was i so close to the person?
Yes.. my thought said yes.
But who is that person?
I don’t know..
I sighed… and carried the enlargment picture to a couch.

I sat down and stood it on my thighs.
I’ll need to recall this person? To find out why Kelly’s mom have the same eyes as that person’s.
Ooohm! Rose, think! think! think!
I did.

I was having headache already but i still couldn’t remember the person with these same eyes.

..Just then, the door opened and Kelly walked in.

He is suprised to see me carrying his mom’s photograph.. and im scared that he saw me.
“Rose..” He called and came forward.
“Wel..welcome” I said as I swallowed the lump in my throat.

He gently sat down beside me.

“You with my mum’s photo..You trying to look very closely at this heartless woman who yelled at you?” He asked.
I shook my head.

“No Kelly..Not that.” I said.
“So tell me why you had to carry her photo down to the couch.” He said.
What do i tell him..

I don’t want to tell him about her eyes that look familiar to me.

“I was admiring her beauty.. She is just too beautiful. A beautiful mother. She….she reminds me of mine. My dead mother.” I lied and then I felt a tear drop from my eye.
Im grateful for that.

He looked at me with worried eyes and then he wiped the tear with his thumb..
“That..that was the reason i had to carry it down here to stare at her really well.. I miss my mom.” I said as another tear rolled off my second eye..
He wiped it.. but then they came another and then another from both eyes.. and many began falling..
And he just took the photograph from me dropped it on the floor and then he pulled me into a hug.
A cuddle.
And he rocked his hand on my back like im a baby.

His affectionate act towards me melts my heart..and instead stopping the tears, i cried.
“Rose.. it’s okay. Don’t cry..Im right here with you as your friend and your companion. I promise to protect you and care for you. I promise. I really promise.” He said.
I sniffled and then withdrew.
We stared at each other for a while.
“Thank you Kelly.” I said to him.
He smiled.
I got up.

“Im going upstairs take my bath.” I said.

I know its awful to know i haven’t bathe since morning..
But he just smiled at me.
I turned and walked away.

*** **
*Kelly’s point of view*

After she left, I got out my phone and dialed Dr. Ann’s lines.
She picked up after much rings.
“Hello.. Goodevening. Please Im i speaking with Doctor Ann Kambiri?” I asked the reciever.

“Yes, you are. Im Dr Ann Kambiri..” She amswered.
I was happy.
“My name is Kelly Ejifor. I need your help Doctor. Please i’ll like to meet with you.” I said.
“Okay Mr Kelly. You can come to my hospital, and i’ll be glad to help you.” She said with so much boldness and enthusiasm.
“Thank you Dr. But i’ll need the address to your hospital please.” I said.
“That’s okay Mr Kelly. I’ll send you the address right away via an SMS.” She said.
“Thank you so much.. Can i come tomorrow morning?” I asked.
“Ten o’clock am.” She said.
“Alright Doctor. Thank you.” I said.
“You welcome Mr Kelly.” She said.
I dropped the call.

Great! I already love this doctor. She seem all ready and full of energy and smartness!
I couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come!
Alot is going to happen in the next episode.
Don’t miss out.

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i dont really trust that doctor it might be plan work
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