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My Personal Taste - Season 1 - Episode 36
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*Mrs Roseline’s point of view*

I was beyond shocked to see her.. I can’t remember her name but i remember her face so well.

“Roseline..” She called again and i gasped.
She remembered my name so well..
“Midwife.” I called her.. That was the name they called her then..

Those years ago….

Remembering those years hurt me and i did my best to forget them, and i did..

But now this woman just suddenly appeared and those memories are back.
Now I feel so scared,
so ashamed of myself.
I dragged her outside… to a far away side from the door and windows..Where no one would see or listen us.
I don’t want Kelly getting to hear a glimpse of our conversation.. Not even Sugar.. even though they are upstairs.. They may still hear us no matter how we lower our voice.
“Oh Roseline.. You’re scared of your son getting to hear of what you did to just an eight months old child. Your daughter!” She jeered at me.
I shut my eyes..
“It was out of frustration.. I never meant to abandon her. I never meant to abandon my daughter.” I said with tears gathering in my eyes.
“What on earth could make you abandon your daughter and run away? What sort of frustration could have made you bring your sick child in my clinic, then abandon her and run away?”
“Midwife, Im so sorry.. please i beg you to forgive me. My husband was the cause. He made life unbearable for me. He beat me up and left me and my baby without food and money.. Rose fell sick and i didn’t have any money on me to treat her… I tried using herbs but they weren’t working on her and her sickness kept getting worse each day.. Then i was strolling for food one day, when i came accross your little hospital.. I decided to bring her at least be treated..You treated her but the money you requested was so much and i couldn’t pay even up to half of it.. i ran away. i escaped late in the night..Leaving my baby behind with the hope of she getting a better mother and a responsible father who would be able to cater and care for her…I prayed that someone would pick her up and make the baby her child.. If i had money, i wouldn’t have left my child..” I narrated and explained as tears fell unceasingly from my eyes.

“But you could have told me that you didn’t have the bill i charged you. I would have known what to do about it.” She said.

“Midwife, i was so frustrated. I thought you were going to call the police on me or do something worse than that.” I said.
She shook her head sadly.

“Please what happened to Rose?” I asked her.

Rose was her name.. Just like my name. I gave her a name similiar to mine.
“I don’t know.” She said.

I grabbed her arms, “Please i beg of you..Tell me what happened to my daughter.” I begged as tears flowed down my eyes like a river..

“No. I can’t tell you Roseline..It’s a promise i made to a woman like you.” She said.

“Please Midwife. I beg of you. I really regret my action.. I wish i could turn back the hands of the clock…I would never ever abandon my child and run away.” I said, still gripping her arms.

“I can’t tell you Roseline.. Like i said,it’s a promise i made to a woman.” She said.
I felt so shattered and heartbroken.

My tears were like oceans.

I kept begging her but she stood to her ground of not telling me what happened to my child.

But she did because of a woman she made a promise to.

A woman?

“You made a promise to a woman?” I asked.

“Yes.. I did.” She said.
“What promise?” I asked.
I really needed to know… To find out what happened to my child.

I regret my actions so much… I regret ever abandoning her.

If i knew i would meet Marygold, I wpuld have taken my child along with me…

I would never have left her in a hospital..
“Please Midwife, talk to me.. I beg of you.” I begged.

“Im Doc.Ann now, not the midwife again.” She said.

I nodded.

“Roseline, I wanna tell you the truth.” She said.

My heart skipped.

“Tell me please.” I said.

“I can’t disclose about your daughter who you left in my clinic to you.. Im sorry, I can’t Roseline. That is the truth.” She said.

My goodness!

“Please Ann. Don’t do this to me. I beg you..” I cried.

She shook her head, “Im sorry, I can’t.” She said.

I shook my head..

“Okay, just tell me if she’s alive or not.” I begged.

“She was but i have no idea if she is now.” She said.

I shut my eyes… as i felt so pained.
“Please do me a favour.” I said to her.
“What favour?” She asked.

“Do not reveal this to anyone.. my son Kelly would hate me so much if you do.. please he musn’t know about this..and not anybody must please.” I begged her.

She chuckled, “Really? Your son? How did you come about this son of yours? Sounds like you’ve got some stories to tell right? Cos i know you had no son then.” She said.
I looked away..

“He’s my husband’s son.. His father got married to me after death took his wife away.. And i became his mother.” She said.
She shrugged, “Great.. Your son needs my help and im here to run a DNA test on him and a lady who claims to be pregnant for him.” She said.

“You speak differently now.. What happened?” I asked, ignoring her question.
She musn’t run this test.
“Twenty years ago.. I got a visa to America, and there i became a doctor in a well known hospital. Came back two years ago to continue in nigeria.. I established a hospital and now this is me..” She said, and smiled.
I sighed, “This is great news.” I said.
“Im really happy to see you in this awesome condition.. You look beautiful and really blessed.” She said to me.
I smiled.

Yeah she is right but right now, i can’t tell how weak and unfortunate i feel.

First, Kelly proving so stubborn to accept Sugar’s pregnancy..

Now, This woman suddenly appearing to remind me of my past mistake.
“So can I go in and do my job?” She asked me with a broad smile.

I shook my head negatively.

“Please don’t run this test.” I said to her.
She raised her eyebrows at me, obviously suprised.

“Why?” She asked.

“Okay..Because.. there’s no need for that..I have a doctor coming down already to take the test.” I said.
She smiled.

“There’s nothing wrong if two DNA test done by two different doctors.. So i’ll go now and do my job because that is what Kelly called me to do.. And When your own doctor comes.. He do same.” She said and I felt anger boiling in me.

“You can’t run the test Ann!” I said.
“Woman..Don’t try to stop me, If you so don’t want your past to be showed on every news and headlines you can think of.” She said.

I gasped.

“You are threatening me with that?” I asked.

“Im only helping you.. and don’t try to stop me.” She said.

*** **
*Kelly’s point of view*

I’ve been right here in my room, with Sugar screaming and yelling why i had to call a doctor after she told me mom called a doctor already..

I ignored her..

Im more bothered on where Rose went to.
I’ve searched her room..

Her bathsuite.

The kitchen..

Inside this whole house but i can’t find Rose.
“Now if you don’t tell me where Rose is, im going to do something really stupid.”

“You gonna do nothing Kelly!” She snapped.
“You daring me?” I asked, and gripped her on her weavon with so much force.
She turned red with fright.

“Ke..kelly let me go! You are hurtin me!” She screamed.

“Tell me!” I said, pulling her weavon.
“Ahh! Kelly!” She screamed.,“Mom sent her out to the street to buy her something.” She said.

What the f--k!

“To buy her what? what!” I yelled.
“I don’t know” She said.
“F--k you. That’s a lie. You b---h!” I said, pulling her weavon more harder.
“You f-----g tell me where you bitches sent her to!” I yelled.

“Kelly im not lying..Let me go right now.” She said.

I dropped my grip on her weavon and she staggered backward.

“You guys are trying to play with me.” I said and stormed get my mom..That woman..

She’s pushing me!

I ran down the staircase but then the door opened and the both women walked in, but my mom was behind her.

“Kelly, get the lady for the test..” Doc. Ann said.

I looked at my mom to see her expression but i couldn’t read her expression.
Her face stood pale.

“Okay. I will.” I said and rushed back upstairs.

“Sugar come on, follow me for the DNA test.” I said happily as i walked in and met her dressing her weavon.

She turned to me as she frowned instantly with dark eyes really visible now.. but i don’t give a f--k about that.

“Is mom’s doctor here?” She asked.
“My doctor.” I said, grinning.
She flared up, “Seriously Kelly what the hell do you take me for huh?” She yelled.
“A w---e.. So follow me now!” I said.
“Whatever you say! but i ain’t letting that old b---h of a doctor touch me.” She said.
I rolled my eyes.

I really don’t have time for this argument.. This shits!

I walked to her and gripped her on the arm.
“Ouch!..f--k! leave my arm Kelly!” She yelled..

I dragged her out of the room.. down the corridor..

As she went on yelling at me to let her go..
I dragged her down the staircase and to the sitting room and then I sat her down on a couch.

“Mom can you imagine what Kelly is doing to me!” She said to my mom.. but my mom just looked away, without uttering anything.
I was beyond suprised.

“Doc. Ann, please go ahead with the test.. She dare not get up from there.” I said as i gave Sugar a dreadful glare.
I saw her go cold.

She just stared at my mom who’s face was looking away with shock.


I was in my room with Rose who just kept playing games on my laptop.. while i scrolled through my email via my ipad, replying emails and business mails.

She layed on the bed, while i sat just at the edge.

She yelled, “Dam you!”

And i laughed.. I know she had lost again..For the twentieth time now.

“You’ve loosed again.” I said.
“Yeah.. but i’ll keep on playing till i get this!..” She said.

“Fine but im kinda hungry.” I said.
I was.

“Just one more.. no two.. and i’ll go cook.” She said.
“Alright.” I said..

I wish she could just drop the laptop and go now…
..Well, about how Rose came back..

She just did minutes after the DNA test and Sugar angrily stormed out of the house, then followed by my mom.

I thanked doctor Ann who explaned that the test result would be out by evening time.

I gave Doc. Ann a check and offered to drive her back to her hospital but she declined, saying she just called her own driver to come over and take her.

But then she didn’t take the cheque too.

I thought maybe the amount wasn’t that okay to her and i added more.. but she just smiled and told me not to worry about that.

I tried to make her take the cheque but she declined..

Soon, her driver came and she said goodbye and left.

Then few minutes later, when i remembered Rose wasn’t in the house.

Rose walked in.


I was so glad to see her and i asked her what happened.

She explained that my mom sent her to get her a drink named, “Batarde”
F--k! my mom told her to get her a drink called batarde? That is just a french word which means B-----d!

“I’ve searched the whole streets for it but i couldn’t find it.” She had said to me as she slumped into a couch.
I shook my head.

I couldn’t tell her the meaning of the word.
It was one of the french abusive words my grand dad do yell at people when he was still alive.

So i just told her it’s fine.

But then i wanted to come to my room and i told her to come with me.. And i told her we could play some games just to cheer up the moment.

We did play.. but then i needed to go to my emails and so i left the game to her to continue.

…My phone rang,
It was Doctor Ann calling.

My heart skipped as i picked up the call.
“Hello doctor.” I said immediately.
“Kelly.. The Test result is out and it confirmed that the baby isn’t yours..”
“Wow!!” I jumped up before she could even finish talking.

Rose looked at me, perplexed.

“Doctor!.Im so so so happy to hear this. Oh my goodness.. This is good news!” I said.
“Im gonna send to you the result via your email.” She said.

“Thanks doctor.. I can’t wait!” I said.
I was extremely happy that Sugar was the b---h i called her.

She was the s--t i called her.. The bitcg tried to get me with a f-----g pregnancy that isn’t mine.. but I’ve won..I’ve won!
“Kelly, what’s the matter?” Rose asked.
“Im not the father of that b---h child.” I said, laughing.

“Who’s a b---h?” She asked.
“Sugar ofcos. Who else!” I said, laughing hard.

I was just too happy about this.
Now Sugar is gonna get out of my life for good.. For ever!

“And you’re happy?” She asked.

“Im exraordinarily happy.” I said, laughing.
She shook her head.

The email came in and.. yes! i saw the result.
Our blood didn’t match one bit.
I wasn’t the father of the goddamn pregnancy.

I jumped with so much happiness.
Then a stupid thought came into me.
I turned to Rose.

“Rose Infact, don’t worry about the cooking. Im making dinner tonight.” I said.
“What?” She laughed.
“Im serious. And please don’t come out…Keep playing the games till i call you to come to the dinning table. If you come to the kitchen, Im gonna get really annoyed with you.” I said and ran out with her laughing hard.
I walked to the kitchen..
Where do i start from?
A jellof rice? How do they prepare that.
Google! yes google can tell me! I can search that.

I got out my phone and then opening my google app, I typed “How to prepare a delicious jellof rice.”
And it worked!

It showed me lists of how to.
Then with that recipe, I prepared the rice.
Soon I served it on the table..
It taste…it taste okay..
I ran to my room to call on Rose..
“Food is readyyyyy..” I said, grinning.
She looked at me and smiled.
“Okay mr chef.” She said and followed behind me.
Okay..We ate the food..
Umm… It tasted good..
No f--k! horrible!
And Rose face isn’t bright at all..
And she just coughed it out..
I ate the food.. i did, just to tell myself i tried.
“But it taste good tho.” I said to her as i i managed to eat the godamn rice…
Gosh. it was watery too!
She didn’t ate it.. but she did take few spoons before she coughed them out.
I ate all of mine.. Maybe because i was really happy.

But then…

That night i ended up sleeping in the toilet.
And im sure Rose did too.

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