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my sweet kidnapper  - Season 1 - Episode 14
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~ Kim’s point of View ~

My body stood frozen at the view that was in front of me. Tears kept forming as I tried focusing on the image. The more I looked the more I believed that it was Jake. I tried brushing the tears away instead more came. The blond girl looked at my direction and her eyes widened. My legs moved instantly out the door. Nathan staggered behind me.
I ran all the way to the parking lot where Nathan had parked his car. The drizzling rain seemed to get heavier. My body felt heavy as if every memory I had with Jake was all a lie. I couldn’t trust anyone anymore, not even Nathan. Nathan grabbed me on the arm and I swiped it away but he swung me around and gave me a gentle hug.

“It’s Okay, I’m Here,” He said in a soft voice. His body heat was warm and soothing to me. I tried to speak but no words came out. I didn’t know what to do. I don’t know anything about Nathan yet I feel like he has been comforting me for a while. We stood this for several minutes not even saying a word. The rain that dripped onto me remained of every single memory of Jake and I together. Soon it all slowly started swarming away. It felt as if Nathans warmth and comfort had touched my wounds and healed them.

Its been at least four weeks since that incident. I had been avoiding Jake for that long. I felt a small guilt from doing this but every time it would be replaced by the image of him kissing another girl. Nathan was there every step of the way with me, we would stand in front of my door and walk me to my classes. Even though I still don’t know much of Nathan or about the questionable memory I had, I felt comfortable being with him. Half of myself wanted to know who he was, the other one didn’t want to. As if, it was a terrible secret that had happened.

For the first week Jake would call me or text message me telling me he wouldn’t be able to walk me home. Every single text message I had received only one word had repeated through my mind, Lies. The second week he knew I was avoiding him and would constantly call me and text me through class asking me what is wrong. I ignored him. Nathan stayed by my side every time.

I la!d on my bed looking at teddy bear Nathan had won for me. I would constantly cuddle with it when I’m in the my room. It didn’t seem wrong to be crushing on Nathan now that Jake was cheating on me with a blonde. I felt over ruled by her. I managed to get a glimpse of her face, she was beautiful and had an hourglass figure. However I was happy being with Nathan. It already seemed like Nathan and I were going out, and that I was his girlfriend.

The ring tone from my cellphone had startled me. I mouth the words of the song that would play whenever Nathan would text message me. I flipped it open and read the message it said:
Hey, You wanna meet at Scarlet Park around eight? Nathan.

I smiled. What was he planning? Small cute scenes played into my mind making me giggle in a girly way. I rushed into my closet scavenging for a decent outfit.

~ Nathans Point of View ~

After that incident I had been spending more time with Kim, which made me happy. Cole who has changed to his ‘other self’ would give a small glare to me whenever I would leave the house to meet Kim. He was jealous but I know he wouldn’t tell father. It almost made me wonder what exactly was he planning. I wouldn’t lose to him no matter how much he wanted Kim. Kim, the girl who reminded him of Sharon, the girl he could have treasured the most.
I looked around my room throwing every single thing onto the ground, looking for my cellphone. I tossed the blankets and and shelves. Where the hell did I put it? I gave a small sigh. “Father will kill me if I lose that cell again,” I thought to myself remembering how I accidentally put my cellphone in the dryer… that didn’t go so well.

I went outside my room hoping it might be somewhere downstairs. Daniel brushed past me and into my room – well our shared room. As he went in, I heard him yell.
“WHAT THE HELL!” Daniel shouted inside the room, his voice echoed down the small hallway. I laughed and started rushing downstairs before he would drag me into the room and clean up the mess I made.
I saw Cole downstairs near the kitchen he was texting to someone… with my phone in his hands. A small curiosity arose as I marched towards Cole. He pressed the send button before I could see who he was texting to. My guess was Kim.
“Yo,” Cole gave a fake innocent smile.
“Hey,” I nodded ignoring the fact he was using my phone. He placed the phone on the counter without saying a word about the text. Cole brushed my shoulder and walked out of the room. What was he planning?

I went to my Outbox list to see who he texted to. It was Kim. There was a saved draft of what he texted. It read:
Hey, You wanna meet at Scarlet Park around eight? Nathan.

I scoffed. What does Cole trying to do? Trying to set Kim up there alone and he happened to be there when I didn’t show up? Was that his challenge? I’ll get to the park before he does. Problem solved.

I looked at the time, it was seven thirty. I rushed to get my coat and walked to the park. A small tensed question popped into my mind. How could Cole be so careless to leave a saved draft? Did he intentionally do it?

~ Kim Point of View ~

I am starting to hate being a girl now. I looked in front of the mirror trying to think of a hairstyle I should do. I spun the hair tie around my finger thinking. It must be easy for a guy, just comb or gel your hair and your done. I sighed and looked at the time and it was seven forty five. My eyes widened.

“CRAP!” I shouted. I rushed into my room ignoring my long black hair swaying everywhere around my face. I grabbed my black sweater and rushed outside. The sun was setting but it was still bright outside. I started running to the park that was about a twenty minute walk. The park appeared empty. There were a few kids running around but nonetheless empty. I looked around. There was no sign of Nathan. I felt something hit the back of my head. A soccer ball bounced to the side of me.

” Sorry about that!” A voice shouted. It sounded familiar. I turned around it was a familiar face. I scanned through my memories trying to remember.
“Oh! Your Cole! Nathans friend,” I smiled ignoring the throbbing pain on the back of my head.

“Yeah.. friend,” Cole rolled his eyes.
“And your… Lucy Nathans girlfriend right?” Cole guessed. I gave a confused look. Lucy?
“No.. I’m Kim,” I blinked.
“Oh! Your Nathans other girlfriend… er I mean new girlfriend,” He smiled as if he just told me Nathan had another girlfriend.
“Other… girlfriend?” I said confused. My heart was pounding rapidly.
“Oh, I’m sorry,” Cole said. “Nathan is a two timer. He is lying to you, you know,” He said looking the other way. It was kinda hard to believe this, it felt as a lie.
“Yeah right,” I smirked. ” Nathan wouldn’t do something like that. What kind of friend are you saying stupid things like that?” I growled. Cole’s eyes got sharp.
“Are you so sure about that? Do you really think you know everything Nathan?” Coles voice sounded angry. It made me feel tense. He was right, I barely knew much about Nathans life.

“Prove it. That Nathan my lover, is a liar, and a cheater,” I growled, hoping he was wrong.
“Fine,” He smirked grabbing my arm pulling me towards the forest near by the park.

“Your not planning to do something nasty are you,” I said swiping my hand away. I didn’t trust him.

“Of course not, I’m just here to show you the truth or your so called lover,” He said in a stern voice. I still didn’t trust him. After a few minutes in the forest he suddenly stopped making me stumble forward. He caught me.
“Your so clumsy,” He laughed. I just stumbled how does he know I’m that clumsy? His attitude pissed me off.
” Look,” He pointed. I looked at the direction he was pointing to. My heart instantly sank down. I saw Nathans from behind, in front of him was that same blond girl that was kissing Jake. What is with this girl who is kissing every single guy I know? They seemed to be talking, I couldn’t fully hear what they were saying. The blond girl looked at my direction and smirked. She seemed to know Cole. From the corner of my eye I faintly saw Cole smile and nod back.
The girl brought pulled Nathan closer and kissed him onto the lips. Her arms wrapped around his waist and Nathan stayed there still kissing her. They were basically making out. Tears started forming around my eyes.
” How… How long.. have they-” I struggled to say.
” For a while maybe a week ago,” Coles voice was soft. ” I’m sorry, sometimes the truth hurts Kim.”

His words made me feel more depressed. Nathan, was cheating on me. I couldn’t believe it. My legs felt weak, I turned away.
” Jerk!” I yelled and started to run away. Tears still ran all over my eyes. Everything, everything was a lie to me. Every sentence, every word, every moment I had stayed with Nathan felt like a lie to me. My heart felt smashed into a thousand pieces again. It felt as if they will never come back together again.
I sped my pace and got to the street a few blocks away from my house. I could hear some footsteps following. I didn’t look back. I took a sharp turn to the corner but immediately fell downward landing on my a-s.
” Kim! There you are!” A familiar voice had said. It was Jake. I looked onto the side, Nathan was following behind me. Jake’s eyes widened as they la!d eyes on each other.
~ Nathan Point of View ~
I took a small short cut through the Scarlet Forest. It was nearby the park and a lot faster than taking the street with crossing guards for little children. I hate it when they start yelling at you for jay walking. I suddenly hear a scream in the forest and dashed towards the scream. I’m sure it was nothing but it wouldn’t be much of a pain to check. I ran through some tree and entered a small layout. Trees surrounded this circular layout and in the middle stood the evilest person I knew, Lucy. She gave a small smirk and ran towards me. As usual she cringed onto me tightly making it hard to breathe.
“Nathan!” She squealed. I started to realize that the scream was from her. I didn’t like how this was set up. The saved text message and Lucy who lured me to her. What exactly is going on.
“Well, I’m going now,” I said trying to push her away. She tightened her grip. She gave a small smirk.
“I don’t think you should be leaving just yet,” She smiled as she let go and took a few steps back. She threw a familiar brown sealed bag towards me. The unpleasant memories appeared in my mind almost making me barf. I covered my mouth preventing it to spill. I stared at the bag already knowing what the contents in the bag were.

“Who knows what will happen,” She smirked. ” If that secret happen to get loose to your little lover,”
“How did you-” I paused. “Cole told you I was back with her didn’t he?” I growled regaining my conscious self.
She smirked. I got it right.
” What do you want from me Lucy,” I growled. ” If I recall I saw you a few weeks ago kissing up Kim’s boyfriend.”
” Oh? That douche was little Kimmy’s boyfriend? So that’s who he was trying to talk to for the past few weeks,” She smiled. I scoffed.

” Whatever, I dumped him anyways he was too, nice for my needs,” She scoffed. “Anyways-”

She paused as if something distracted her.
Before I could look at who Lucy was staring she instantly grabbed the collar of my shirt and forcefully kiss my lips. She linked her snake like arms around me making it impossible to escape.

“Jerk!” a familiar voice had shouted through the entire forest. I pushed Lucy away making her stumble and turned. I saw Kim running away and Cole leaning on the tree smirking. I read his face. He acted like he had won the challenge.

I chased after Kim ignoring the comment Cole had whispered to me when I passed him. I kept chasing her until the end, I could tell she was crying, constantly she would rub her arms against her eyes. I have to catch up to her and explain. I don’t want to lose her again
She took a sharp turn around the corner and then I saw her tumble backwards immediately. A familiar amber colored eye boy had stepped in front of her. He held out his hand and pulled Kim up. He looked at my direction and his eyes were full of fury.
” Your-” Jake began.
“Nathan…” Kim interrupted. Her eyes were red from crying. I could understand how she would feel right now. She can’t trust anyone right in this scene. Me, who had lied to her about everything in the past and Jake, the douche who cheated on her over my ex girlfriend Lucy. I clenched my teeth. This was getting complicated.

Jake clenched his fist and unexpectedly punched my face. I stumbled onto the ground.
“Your the reason all this started! You f-----g low life! If you haven’t kidnapped Kim then she would have a normal life right now!” Jake shouted. Kim gasped and looked at me.
“What…Nathan… was my kid -” She suddenly paused and yelped in pain from her head. She was getting her memories back. I didn’t like how this was ending. A few seconds later she looked up with empty eyes. Several tears were running down her face.
“Nathan…” She couldn’t find the right words to describe anything. She covered her face.

“How can I be such an idiot. For me to actually be happy, and then finding out it was just all one lie. I don’t know who to believe any more. ” She whispered.
“Kim, Its-” Jake started to say.
“Shut up, I… I don’t want to see any of you! I hate you both!” She screamed. She pushed Jake away and ran towards her house without looking back. I got up in attempt to chase after her. Jake turned towards me blocking the way.
“Don’t think I’ll let you go that easy,” Jake growled.
“Oh? Don’t fell so lucky that you manage to get a punch from me. You won’t be able to get another one,” I smirked. Jake raised his eyebrow.
“Just, who are you to her,” He whispered. I sort of felt sorry for him. I forcefully stole Kim away from him then made her fall in love with me, and then almost kill her.
Jake rolled up his sleeves. It felt like a match, a fight for the girl. Classic. Before we were about to charge. I heard a car screech. A familiar Navy Porsche had cut between the gap of Jake and I. Jake eyes looked shocked.

The tinted windows rolled down.
“Get in, smart a-s,” said an annoying voice. I clenched my teeth thinking maybe I should just jump over the car and punch Jake before I leave.
“Now,” The voice got stern and strong. I growled and hopped in. The car zoomed away. I looked out the window. I could see Jake running after us. His figure seemed to disappear after a few blocks.
“You really think I wasn’t going to catch on about you and Cole,” Daniel sighed as he began driving. I rolled my eyes.
“How much does she know?” He asked.
“Everything,” I said clenching my fist. All the great memories we had along with the unpleasant ones I had created.
“and Sharon?” He asked. My eyes went sharp.
“What do you mean?” I ask confusedly.
“You didn’t know? Cole didn’t only ask Lucy to help but he summoned Sharon as well,” His voice went silent. How could Cole go so far for Kim?
“So you mean-” My body went tense.
“Sharon might do something awful to Kim.”
yeah i know there is this random Sharon in this~~ next chapter you will find out who she is and all that so

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