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my sweet kidnapper  - Season 1 - Episode 15
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~ Kim’s Point of View ~

I saw Nathan get flung onto the ground. A sudden pain had stung once Jake had said those words. It echoed through my head over and over Nathan was my kidnapper. The memories started flowing through me like a movie, it was painful that I dropped onto the ground. Everything was a lie…
“Nathan…” I began but I couldn’t look at him, I covered my face in disgust for falling for such a fantasy.
“How can I be such an idiot. For me to actually be happy, and then finding out it was just all one lie. I don’t know who to believe any more,” I whispered.
“Kim, Its-” Jake started to say.
“Shut up, I… I don’t want to see any of you! I hate you both!” I screamed as I got up and pushed Jake to the ground heading further away from them. I paced my legs not even looking back. I don’t ever wanna see those liars again. Tears kept flowing down making it impossible for me to see.

After a few blocks of running and the next stop was a dead end,I turned to a corner. A sharp pain hit a moment later as if I ran into someone and I hit the ground..
“S-Sorry,” I stumbled to say. I wiped my eyes and looked up to see a beautiful girl with long light brown hair with a even pale complexion holding her hand out to me. She smiled. ” Its alright, its hard to run and cry at the same time. You are bound to run into something or someone, ” She laughed. I grabbed her hand as she began to pull me up. Feeling embarrassed I tried to wipe the tears but they kept falling down.

“You know, I have the best medicine for tears, why don’t we come to my house?” She asked. I stared at her, I had jut met her and she is inviting me to her house? It couldn’t help to feel a bit suspicious.
“I know it seems suspicious inviting you to my house but aren’t you avoiding a few people right now?” Boy can she read minds. She pointed out at a dark figure heading towards us.
“Alright,” I look backed to see Jake running towards us just a few blocks down. Behind him was a Navy Porsche – possibly Nathan. I nodded. She smiled, “My name is Sharon by the way, whats yours?”
“Kim,” I said as she took my hand and led me to her house.

Sharon’s house was a normal detached house that you find in movies when you see from afar. However the moment you get inside past the tall gateway you will feel like in one of those haunted house moments. The house itself was quiet and barren with a strong smell of paint surrounding the household. There were small traces of scratch marks around the walls making me send chills down my spine. Along the railing, the white paint was already peeling off also with the doorway screen. The garden was all dirt as if someone had dug it in with a shovel and thrown it around the ground randomly. Throughout the pathway you would find shards and bits of pieces of garden pots. I tried to avoid stepping on them. How could someone so beautiful live in a house that was broken up and torn?
Sharon then closed the tall rusty gateway and locked it. I looked up at her.

“It’s so the people chasing you won’t come in,” she smiled as if what she did wasn’t suspicious.

“Alright.. Do you really live here?” I asked looking around for at least something appealing to compliment on. Sadly, there was nothing.
“Yeah, I know it looks quite broken up at the moment, I had a party a while ago and.. I got lazy to clean things up,” She gave a small smile to hide the truth. I raised my eyebrow in curiosity. She didn’t look like the partying type.

“Lets go inside,” she said as she started tugging me into the house. Her grip was strong like she didn’t want me to change my mind and leave. The moment I walked inside the smell of burnt paint filled my nostrils. My brain started to spin around, I held the wall for support, inside my head I heard Nathan calling my name, telling me to get out, to run. I shook my head which worsened the dizziness. Sharon kept walking in as if she was use to the smell. She turned back and her expression changed into a smirk. “You going to be okay?”
“Y-yeah… does your house always have this strong smell?” I coughed as some of it went into my mouth.
“Most of time, its because of the party. You’ll get use to it soon enough. Just like Nathan,” She giggled.
“Wha-” I began but a sharp pain suddenly hit me at the back of my head. I stumbled onto the ground. Everything was getting blurry along with my hearing. What did she mean ‘just like Nathan?’ Everything went black.

~ Nathans Point of View ~

I started looking on each side for Kim, she may be a fast runner but she couldn’t have gotten far.. unless.. she ran into Sharon. I cringed at the thought of it being to late. Lucy may be enough to handle but Sharon? Things are going to get a lot of tougher once Kim meets her. I covered my mouth holding in the barf as I started recalling all the memories of what happened in that year.
“Nathan,” Daniel called out bringing me back to reality.
“Yeah?” I said look away.
“I can already guess what is going on between you and Cole. However, right now we have to assume Sharon has her. I need you to tell me exactly what happened that year so I can pinpoint where she is hiding her before she inhales the same stuff you did back then,”
” You say it so easily,” I sighed. “After the murder of my mom, I was sent to live around here with Lucy. Sharon, Lucy’s friend had many abandoned houses where she would have a party. She invited us to go to one without knowing the stuff that happens in there. Inside her room, there were many people, on the ground, that were high, either f-----g or inhaling more of that stuff.” I began.
“What stuff?”
“They burned paint inside a brown bag and inhale the stuff that come out of it, that was the routine. Many would knock out from one sniff, however those from the party were experts. One of the experts was Sharon.” I stopped.

The next part was the worst I had ever done. I cringed when I remembered bits of that night, Lucy calling my name for help. The other experts trying to rape her and successfully done it because I did nothing at all but getting into the routine Sharon had. I can’t give back to what Lucy had lost nor can I get back the Lucy I had known after that. What has been done has changed her entirely all because of me. However, I wasn’t planning on saying anything else to Daniel about it.
“Then the closest abandoned house would be Scarlet Tree Avenue,thing is that place is private area along with tall gates. If any neighbors see us climbing the gate they will think we are trespassing. The police is what we need to avoid right now.” Daniel sighed.”Nathan.”
“When we get there, I want you to wait in the car. I can’t risk putting you in there if you might end up the same way as -”
“Shut up, I can handle myself,” I barked back.

I hated when Daniel was sincere, it was hard to tell if he was showing compassion to a step brother or loving me in a way he does with Peter. Either way, I rather liked it if he was the ‘demon’. However one part of me wasn’t too sure if I can handle being in there. Another part of me wants to save Kim no matter what happens. I’m planning to listen to the second part.

~Kim’s Point of View~

The sound of m0an!ng and cheers started to wake me up. It was impossible to move, not just because I could feel my hands tied to my back but along with the smell making my brain move a three sixty degree angle. Every movement I made , made my head hurt. I began opening my eyes and trying to focus what I was seeing.

The first thing I saw was a mirror, that had one huge crack in it like a large stone had hit it. But the reflection enough was self-explanatory in what was happening to me. Being tied up with only a bra and [email protected] left. In the mirror I also saw the very person who had brought me to this place, Sharon. She had a huge smirk on her face as if the beautiful nice person I had seen was a nothing but a myth.
“Goodbye Kimmy-cubs,” She smiled. A group of men from behind her started coming towards me.

“No… Noo … STAY AWAY FROM ME” I screamed.

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