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Nora - Season 1 - Episode 46
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”u can’t hit me I am a girl and guys don’t hit girls,”Lynn said ”maybe they don’t but I do,”Chad said and Lynn blinked uncontrollable feeling kind of scared, ”just leave me alone,” Lynn said ”now see wat u have caused, everyone is going to the beach to see Nora battle her mom,what is wrong with u Lynn,” Chad said and began to space out beside the class window, Lynn sat down on a chair,her anger reducing, ”what have I done,”Lynn thought and signed, and immediately she walked out of the class,Chad sighed heavily before going out too,..

Freddie and Nora could be seen breathing heavily and sweating real hard,they re winning the battle and the queen is becoming weak, ”freddie our next aim is to collect the trigent from my mother,trust me she is powerless without the trigent,” Nora said to Freddie through her mind and Freddie nodded in agreement,as Nora find her way to get close to her mother, Freddie tries to distract the girls by trying to release the old witch who was still tied up with a rope ”get him”,Nina said to nija,and nija immediately sighted freddie, Nina and nija immediately ran to Freddie and Nika stood alone watching each and everyone fighting each other,Nina started controlling Freddie with her greenish eyes, ”nina stop u re hurting him,”Nika said ”thats wat we all wanted,Nika now do something don’t just stand there, Nina ordered, ”thats wat u all wanted but that’s not wat I want,”Nika said and immediately Nina let Freddie go because she was being controlled by Nika, ”nika,wat re u doing,u betrayal,” Nina said trying to catch her breath ”mother has gone too far this time if any of us doesn’t give up one of us is going to die,” Nika said and Nina rolled her eyes, ”i don’t care,nija handle the boy,”Nina ordered nija nodded ready to control Freddie but stopped when she saw students coming towards the beach, (water)the queen stopped on her track as she was about to blast Nora.

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