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Nora - Season 1 - Episode 47
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The queen stopped on her track as she was about to blast Nora with her trigent,she looked more closely as students came closer to the beach as they all stopped seeing the siren fight,it was really an awkward moment, ”oh my goodness,Lynn was right, Nora isn’t human,”a girl said ”i don’t know all these creatures still exists”,a boy added,Freddie turned and was surprised to see his whole classmates,he stood still not knowing wat to do,just then the queen jumped into the water,she signals the girls to join her and they all did except Nika who stood beside Nora,and they both looked d--n identical,chad took courage and walked up to freddie and asked, ”dude re u ok,” ”i think so,but I will be fully ok when that good for nothing woman is dead,..wat re u guys doing here,”Freddie asked ”lynn told everyone in the class who Nora is,”Chad replied ”oh my,.. Lynn?Freddie yanked ”yeah”, Chad said and Freddie gave lynn a glare who was totally feeling guilty about it, ”thanks for having my back out there,Nika I didn’t know u could do that for me,”Nora said to her sister nika ”trust me am on ur side,mother has gone too far,she doesn’t even seem like our mother again and wat else could I do,u re my sister and my best friend,”Nika said and the two sisters hugged, while everyone watched, ”come on we have to go stop mom,” Nika said and Nora nodded and then look at freddie ”lets go,” Nora said to Freddie, ”good luck buddy,”Chad said and Freddie smiled,Nora and Nika were about to get in the water when Freddie stopped them, ”i can’t go in the water,Nora I will die,I can’t breath under water,”Freddie said ”yes u can,as long as u re bonded with Nora,”Nika said and Freddie nodded and immediately they all dived in the water, Freddie was astonished seeing Nora and Nika looking very very beautiful under the water and how a tail appeared before their legs and how their skin glowed and how their hair changed into colours too.

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