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ONCE A LOVER - Season 1 - Episode 33
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“Who is that?” Mr. Chorus asked from inside.

“It’s me Leo.” Leo responded from outside.

“Please come in.” Mr. Chorus replied.
“Please Madams, wait for me outside I need some privacy with this boy.” Mr. Chorus concluded and Mama and Daniel’s mother walked out of the office with heavy legs and hearts.

“Dad, you summoned me.” Leo began.
“Leo, I know you and your comrades raped Princess…” Mr. Chorus enunciated serenely.
“Dad please stop that… I know nothing about her rape issue.” Leo rebutted with serious impression showing on his face.
“You don’t rape her?” Mr. Chorus asked in disbelief.
“I swear with my life, I am not the rapist.” Leo replied earnestly.
“Ah!” Mr. Chorus sighed.


“Stop wasting your precious time here my dears; say the truth so that we can know the next step to take.” The interrogating soldier voiced out tiredly.
“How many times do you want us to say the truth? We know nothing about the rape incident, that is the truth or must we lie on ourselves?” Daniel rebutted with his face covered with blood due to the incessant beating and torture.
“You remain adamant that you don’t know anything about this, right?” The soldier restated.

“Yes… we are not the culprits; you are just punishing us unjustly.” Daniel replied in an alarming tone.
“Ok, who do suspect can do such a thing?” The soldier asked. Daniel stared at me and I looked helplessly and rather motionlessly.

“Leo and his comrades are my only suspects.” Daniel replied looking eyes in eyes with the soldier.
“Leo, who is he?” The soldier asked softly.
“He is the principal’s son and he has always been a hook to Princess’ throat and he threatened he will surely make her life miserable, who knows if this is what he was referring to.” Daniel replied softly.
“Leo? Okay, I will arrange some boys to apprehend Leo and his comrades, but if this happened to be a false information. I doubt you leave this barrack alive.” The soldier threatened as he reluctantly barged out of the welfare.


“Okay, I will take you to the barrack but please don’t create any scene there o.” Mr. Chorus concluded and Mama and Mama Daniel were allowed into his car as the car sped off.


“Who are you and why are you here?” A soldier confronted Mr. Chorus at the main entrance to the barrack.
“Ehmmm, I am the principal of Comprehensive High School and two of my students are here so I can’t to check them with their parents.” Mr. Chorus replied gapping and the soldier looked at him suspiciously.
“All of you come down from the car.” The soldier commanded and they did as instructed.
“Corporal Funke, come and search these women.” The soldier commanded loudly and a female soldier walked to the scene boldly.

“Open your purse woman.” The female soldier yelled at Daniel’s mother and she handed over her purse to the female soldier.
“What is this? What are you doing with this? Sir!” The female soldier accused holding a cowry and she called a senior to hers.
“What is going on here?” The sergeant asked suspiciously.
“Sir, I found this in her purse.” The female soldier replied puzzled and Daniel’s mother tried to defend but she was restrained from uttering just a single word.
“What is this? Oh, my God… so you came to the barrack with charm, right?” The sergeant yelled angrily.
“Sir… this is not…” Daniel’s mother tried to defend but she was restrained from concluding with her statement.
“Shut up…” The soldier yelled.
“Officer…” Daniel mother tried to defend just then the echo of gunshot could be heard loudly. Mama and Mr. Chorus ran swiftly in a gyratory manner but none of the soldiers made any move but to everyone greatest surprise. Daniel’s mother was found lying down on the floor lifelessly.


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