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ONCE A LOVER - Season 1 - Episode 34
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“Officer…” Daniel mother tried to defend, just then the echo of gunshot could be heard loudly. Mama and Mr. Chorus ran swiftly in a gyratory manner but none of the soldiers made any move but to everyone greatest surprise. Daniel’s mother was found lying down on the ground lifelessly.
“Who shot her?” A soldier whispered to another.

“I think it was a gunshot from those recruits that are doing their training in targeting and shooting.” The soldier replied.
“Was she shot?” Another soldier whispered in dismayed.
“No, she wasn’t shot; I think she is a hypertension patient…” The soldier replied but unfinished.
“Hypertension?” A soldier sighed surprisingly.

“Check if she can be rescue.” A sergeant commanded a corporal standing behind him and the corporal moved closer to Mama Daniel.

“Sir…” The corporal nodded negatively but sorrowfully.

“Pack her and take her corpse to the mortuary.” A sergeant commanded wickedly and the corporals saluted.
“Mama Daniel! Mama Daniel!!” Mama called loudly with tears in her eyes.
“Ah!” Mama screamed loudly.
“Move…” A soldier commanded Mama and Mr. Chorus and he led them into the barrack.


Mr. Chorus drove sluggishly into the barrack and Mama and Mr. Chorus came down from the car with heaven heart.
“Ehn! Ehn!! How may I help you?” A soldier confronted hesitatingly.

“Sir, I am the principal of Comprehensive High School… two of my students are here in your custody and I came to check on them.” Mr. Chorus replied gapping.
“Wait here… don’t move an inch from where you are, else I will stab you” The soldier threatened and he went into an office.
Shortly, the Lieutenant colonel came out of the office in muffin. He shook hand with Mr. Chorus and they began the conversation.
“Good morning sir, I am the principal of Comprehensive High School and I am here to check my two students that are here in your custody.” Mr. Chorus elucidated shivering.
“You are the principal, right?” The Lieutenant restated as he remove his beret.
“Ye…s…ss s…iii…rr.” Mr. Chorus replied with shaky voice.
“Okay, I will allow you to see them, but who is this woman?” The L.C asked suspiciously.
“She is the mother of one of the boys, the other …” Mr. Chorus paused.
“The other woman gave up the ghost at the gate, right?” The L.C replied smiling.
“Absolutely correct sir.” Mr. Chorus replied with swollen eyes.
“What a lost!” The Lieutenant Colonel sighed sadly.

“Officer, take them to the welfare.” The L.C commanded the sergeant standing behind him.
“Yes sir.” The Officer replied with salute.


“Mama, you are here.” I cried softly with tears in my eyes.
“Woman, you only have one minute to talk with those boys.” The soldier announced with frown face.
“Ola, Daniel, you raped an innocent girl?” Mama asked indirectly.
“Mama, I expect you to trust us, we can’t do such a thing, we only rescue the girl from dying and our good deed have now been mistaken for misdeed. Mama we know nothing about the rape case.” Daniel rebutted with teary eyes.
“Mama, my mother is not here? Why is she not here?” Daniel asked but Mama looked down dejectedly, she raised her head up and she couldn’t help as tears flow freely from her pale eye.

“Mama, talk to me.” Daniel refuted suspiciously.
“Your mother gave up the ghost as the entrance of the gate…” Mama broke down the ugly news and Daniel collapsed within a nanull second.
“Daniel! Daniel!!” I yelled helplessly and some soldiers ran to the scene…
“Woman, please leave.” I soldier commanded and Mama looked at Daniel helplessly.

“Poor boy!” Mama sighed with tears in her eyes.
“I said leave.” The soldier yelled and Mama vanished from the welfare as fast as lightning.


“Sir, please one of the boys has collapse…” Mama begged the L.C but unfinished.
“Don’t worry, he will be treated.” The L.C concluded and he walked up out of his office with Mr. Chorus and Mama.
“Officer, take two recruits along with you to C.H.S, go and arrest the Principal’s son and if he was nowhere to be found, come back to the barrack with the principal himself.” The L.C commanded and he walked away leaving Mr. Chorus in dismay.
“Sir, what did my son do?” Mr. Chorus asked in an alarming tone.
“Mr. Man, respect yourself, don’t let us bully you.” A soldier warned and Mr. Chorus gently entered his car with the Soldiers and Mama and the car sped off.

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