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Price Of Virginity - Season 1 - Episode 10
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I quickly rushed and took my bath, put on a blue skinny gown and sat inside patiently waiting for the arrival of the grate general overseers son.after three hours, here comes the young man, my mum ran outside to go and welcome him, while i was inside feeling so shy to come outside and know how he even look like.

After some series of discussion between him and my parents, my mum now called me……..Ann please come outside, someone is here to see you.[My mind was beating very fast] i came out and i greeted the young man, when i got closer to him, i looked straight inside his eyes, lo and behold it was mike, the same guy that took my Virginity. I quickly rushed inside my room and i burst into tears, while mike was also outside there, shading his own tears.

My parents were confused, My mum quickly followed me inside inside the room……….Ann! please tell me what is going on between you and this
young man. [I was still crying and i didn’t give my mum any reply]….Ann for the last time, what is going on between you and this young man?

I said mummy wait i will explain, me and her went outside and we all sat together with Mike.
i now said……..Mike is that you?…with rivers of tears flowing down from his red eyes, he said Ann its me Mike.

Our parents were still confused……..[my mum asked me] Ann do you know him, i said yes, he was my classmate in the university when i was still
in 100 level.

Now i said to mike…….. ”Mike You disappointed me and i dont think i will ever forgive you”…… he replied and said…..please let me explain.

.[Mike Explaining]……..before the incident that happened between both of us, i never knew you were a virgin, after the incident,
i saw your missed calls then but i couldn’t answer the call because i was in tears, i thought you are calling to abuse or insult me,

my mind was really heavy because it seems like i have committed a murder,
it was like i killed your destiny. After that week, i won a visa lottery to study in London, i quickly drooped out
from the school and i traveled to London. Ann please forgive me.
Everybody including my mum and my dad burst into tears at that moment and that was how everything ended.

Today i am living together with Mike as Husband and Wife.

This a great ate story, there many this to learn from it.

Never break the pot that once gave you water
Be careful how you close a door, never bang it because you may need to walk through that same door tomorrow.

listen to your parents advice.

keep your virginity if you have not lost it. had it been it wasn’t mike that came to marry Ann, what do you think could have happened.

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Sep 05, 2017
Wow, nice story.... Although I'm still a virgin and I understand what it takes to keep it, the way guys make you feel when they know you're a virgin, they make you feel like you're having a very big problem with your life.. But I've come to realize that their doing out of greed, just to get what they want... It's a decision I made myself and I have to do everything in my power to keep it(my virginity)
Dec 22, 2017
yea is kul to be a virgin bt it is always embarrasing nd people wont belive u nd its hard to keep it cus u end up loosing people u luv
(am stil a virgin nd am talking 4rm experience)
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