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S-x And The City - Season 1 - Episode 177
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Pt. 180

She lives in a ghetto, I wonder how a white woman will be living in a ghetto in India, to me I think its strange oh.

“Why will she be living in a place like this?”
Rica ask.

“Am thinking the same thing too oh”
I said.

“I don’t understand, is it that she don’t have the money to live in an urban area?”
Rica ask again.

“oh well maybe she’s a spy” I said without thinking.

She live in a complete flat painted yellow, everywhere is dirty and zigzag thanks to the street light, I came out from the car and look at the area, people are moving up and down as if its day time, and I think her house is the only beautiful house in this area, I don’t know the name of the street I just follow Rica because she knows everywhere, I took my phone and call her.

she said from the other end.

“Hi, am ozila from the bar”
I said.

“Oh yeah, the stripper, I remember you, so how are you doing?”
She ask.

“Am fine, am actually at the front of your house now” I said.

“Oh really? Let me see”
she said and the front window roll down, she waved to me to come inside the house which I did, I told Rica to wait for twenty minutes before she leave, I left her and walk to the fine small house, I knock on the door.

“A minute please”
I heard from inside.
After few second the door open and I saw the beautiful angel standing in front of me, she’s so beautiful but she’s way older than me.

“good evening ma”
I said with shyness all over me.

“Come on in, don’t be shy” she said and took me in closing the door behind me.

Everywhere is sparkling and shinning, the saint self can make one cuum, I look around and it looks like she’s alone at home.

“so you African?”
She ask.

“Yes, am actually from Nigeria”
I said.

“Waoh, that’s nice, have been dreaming of visiting Nigeria, sit down now and feel at home”
she said.

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