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S-x And The City - Season 1 - Episode 178
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I watch her open her fridge and she brought out orange juice, she took two cups from the table and then she came to me and drop them on the table.

“So why haven’t you travelled to Nigeria yet?”
I ask as she pour the drink.

“Oh well, I heard Nigeria is really strong and since I don’t know anybody to show me around I just decided to remain here for now”
she said.

“Okay, so can I ask if you are married?”
I said with a small voice because it seems she want to talk and not sexx.

“Of course I was married, but now am single though I have one child, a girl she’s with her grandma in US” she said.

“Waoh that’s cool”
I said and sip from the cup.

“Yeah, so what brought you to India?” She ask.

“Work oh, I came to school but things didn’t work out so I started working, I need a means to start making money”
I said.

“Oh well, everybody is looking for a way to make money, especially Africans moving from one country to another”
she said.

“Since there is no job, what do you expect us to do na?
I ask.

“Be an entrepreneur, you can stay in your country and make it, you don’t need to cross the border, okay now do you like the type of work you are doing now?”
She ask a rhetorical question, who wouldn’t like this kinda job, I even prefer it than a banker, having sexx and making money things many people will pay to do..

“I don’t have any other choice” I said scratching my head.

“You see, you can stay in your country and make it”.

She keep blabbing up and down and I started regretting coming here because it looks like she dont want to do anything, anyway she didn’t want to give me her card its because I forced her.

I finished the drink without her knowing, why would she know when she keep preaching to me like a Jehovah witnesses, she said God don’t approve of the work am doing, I wonder how God approve her going to a bar oh, I was getting bored so I decided to do as if am feeling sleepy, she saw me sleeping and then stop, she walk out and then I relax on the sofa and sleep like a baby till the next morning.

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