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S-x And The City - Season 1 - Episode 171
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I was finally home alone, Riana has gone to school and Mr Rowan has gone to work, Ria the housewife has gone to the bar to see how things is going, she insist I follow her but I told her that I need my rest to be able to work well later in the day, she left me alone and said she will be back in the afternoon to cook, when she left I wait for another fifteen minutes to be sure that she has gone before I got up from my bed and walk downstair, I lock the door from inside so that nobody can come in, I gently walk to their bedroom and try to open the door, the door won’t open and when I realize that she locked it like bank I started thinking what to do next, the door is too strong and I cannot break it, and there is no how I can steal the documents when she’s around because she’s very vigilant, what should I do?

I called Rica.

she answered.

“Good day, how are you?”
I replied.

“Am good, have you be able to get the document?”
She ask.

“Yeah about that, their bedroom door is well locked, there is no way I can get in”
I said.

“Of course they are not going to leave their door open just like that for a Nigerian, this proves that they don’t trust you at all”
she said.

“So what do I do?”
I asked.

“So you mean you don’t know how to open lock illegally?”
She ask.

“I honestly don’t know”
I said.

“Are you sure you are a Nigerian?”

“Hey, not all Nigerians are rogue?”
I said.

“Okay, and there is no way I can talk you through it, when is Ria coming back?”she ask.

“She said in the afternoon”
I replied.

“Hmm I don’t think I can make it oh, let’s leave it for tomorrow I will come when she leave again and teach you how to open a lock”
she said.

“Okay then no problem, what are you doing?”
I ask.

“Nothing much, just uploading videos on my blog, you won’t believe our site is filled up with so many messages”
she said.

“What type of message”
I ask.

“About you, they want more of your video, others want to meet you”
she said.

“So what do you want me to do?”
I ask.

“How about we shoot another video today after work, it will be like a short film”
she said.

“So who will be having sex with?” I ask.

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