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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 17
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Tito watched Laura in silence. If she didn’t know any better, she would have said her cousin was perfectly alright. But no! Even as Laura sat in front of the mirror, dressed in office clothes, retouching her makeup, Tito could see her pain. Her reflection in the mirror and the irrelevant foundation Laura applied on her face could not begin to mask the pain she tried hard to conceal. She could see the tears bottled up beneath that calm indifferent display. Another woman would be screaming and raving, crying endlessly, but since Laura’s hand had been stitched and she started recovering her lost strength, she had been going around, saying next to nothing, and now, Laura was preparing for work like nothing had happened just six days ago. “You know you are not fit to go to work now, right?”

Laura brushed her lips with nude lipstick, glancing briefly at Tito’s reflection in the mirror. “Why ever not?”
Tito sighed. “C’mon Laura, you’ve been acting like a robot for days, behaving as though your world did not just come crashing six days ago.”

Laura replaced the nude lipstick with a lip liner. “It came crashing, and I gathered the bits and pieces and molded my world right back. You don’t expect me to mope all week long, do you? I’ve got work to do”
“You are your own CEO, no one would flog your hide if you stay home all month”
“No one has ever become successful by moping in bed, crying over spilled milk” she jumped to her feet. Laura was dressed in Tito’s clothes but it fit like it was made for her. When you are the perfect size, you don’t worry about things like clothing. “I’m late. Can I use your car”

Tito hesitated then shrugged resignedly. “You might need to refill the fuel though”

Laura grinned. “Thank you. Some goodies do come with heartbreak, don’t they”
Tito watched her cousin. Laura had never been so animated. It was like watching a rehearsed movie actress. “I’m not sure” frankly, it would be better if she were crying and raving. That would be more understandable.

Laura grabbed her handbag. The only thing she took out of her matrimonial home four days ago. It is true what they say – a woman’s bag always has all her necessities. “I’m off.”

Tito grunted. “Don’t forget to eat, Laura, you haven’t been doing much of that”
“Yes mum” Laura paused at the entrance and hesitated. “T-t” she called hesitantly, Tito looked up. “Could you possibly help me… get my car from…” she wondered what the correct term should be. ‘my house’? ‘my husband’s house’? Nothing seemed right anymore.

Tito understood and smiled. She saw the struggle for what it was. A cry for help. “Of course” besides, she did have some business to take care of in that house anyways.

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