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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 53
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Just as she got to the door, another thing her dad had said flashed into her head, making her hand freeze on the door knob. No! She didn’t need more misery, she told herself sternly, but another voice told her it was better to be done with it once and for all.
She turned and stared at her uncle’s back as he stood awkwardly at the middle of the sitting room. There were taut veins all over his hands, something that was always pronounced when he was tensed up. “Dad said something” Mark turned to face her. For a weird reason, her heart started racing even wilder than before. Mark’s eyes stared at hers through the distance. “He was so sure you did this and said it wouldn’t be your first time” Laura watched her uncle go completely still, the second time, but this time, it seemed almost scary. Standing as he was, it was like he just turned into a pillar of salt and Laura could actually feel tension engulfing the entire atmosphere. Fear overtook her as her instincts told her she would not like what she would hear. Still, she pushed. “What was he talking about?” could he have done this before? Raped someone before?

The second hand ticked noisily as the sitting room fell silent. Laura could hear her racing heart as she waited for Mark’s response. “Now is not the time, Laura”
His voice was so silent, Laura strained her ear to catch what he said. “It’s as good a time as any” Laura countered. “You might as well tell me now. I’ve had so much shocker in one day, I don’t think anything you say now can be worse than what’s already been said” Laura said but from the look on Mark’s face, Laura wasn’t so sure anymore. She felt a strange kind of dread as she took steps away from the door towards her uncle. She had never seen so much pain in his eyes. “What was he talking about, father?”

Mark turned away, as if unable to bear the look on her face. Silence dragged on for a moment. “Something that happened twenty six years ago” his strained voice floated to Laura’s ear.
“That happened” Laura felt numb with fear. “Happened to who?”
Mark turned to her then, tears slid down one cheek as he choked out. “Your mother” he dropped.


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