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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 54
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“I always loved your mother” Mark Johnson said into the silent room. “Sandra had the most unusual brown eyes and a smile that always came straight from the heart. They were the first things I noticed about her when I first set my eyes on her” a painful smile touched Mark’s eyes. Laura felt glued as she stared, wide-eyed at the familiar stranger. “I had gone to pay Frank a visit, as I entered; she was the first thing I saw. Her large brown eyes lit up with a smile as she hurried to me with arms wide open. She obviously thought she knew me and at that moment, I instantly wanted to know everything about her. I felt transfixed as she enveloped me in a tight hug, grinning up at me like I was worth billions of dollars.” Mark seemed to remember it all like it all happened yesterday. “Then, I realized what just happened; she thought I was Frank” his amusement came out through his voice. “Then Frank came in, gosh, I would never forget the look on her face; she nearly passed out. She couldn’t tell who was who. Frank and I had fun at her expense that day, her confusion and innocence was so hilarious; she intrigued me the way no other woman ever had.” He swallowed, leaning against the wall like a heavy weight had just rested on his shoulders. “But that was the much that could be allowed because she was Frank’s intended.” He swallowed. Laura could only stare in stupefied wonder.

“I fell in love with her, I wasn’t trying to, and God knows I didn’t want that much complication in my life, I could not just stop thinking about her. But love is only sweet when it is reciprocated, when it is not, it is like a poison slowly moving you to your death. I got involved with other women but I couldn’t love them. I loved Sandra so much, it was such a pain to see her with someone who looked exactly like me but wasn’t me. Everyday made it more difficult but nothing could have prepared me for their wedding day. I couldn’t handle being the best man at a wedding which I so wanted to be the groom. It wasn’t enough that the groom was my exact copy, it ate me up like acid on skin.”

“So, you raped her?” Laura’s voice croaked out. “You raped the woman you claim to love?” Mark was becoming more animated by the minute, Laura couldn’t believe that 24 hours ago, she could have vouched she knew all there is to know about her uncle.
“I didn’t rape her…” he answered after a moment of silence. “I did something much worse” his voice was laced with pain as he spoke. “There was a night party after the wedding. It lasted late into the night. My pain made me drink so much, but I couldn’t get drunk; no quantity of alcohol could make me tipsy. That was when I saw her. Sandra looked tipsy and exhausted; I could see that she really needed to sleep. Frank was completely drunk, I didn’t think he could place one foot in front of the other without topping off. Then, I went and took Sandra, leading her to the bedroom” he swallowed, running his hand shakily over his head, his voice becoming more distant. “All I wanted was for her to get some sleep but…” he shook his head, gazing intently on the floor like he could see it all just as it happened. “She was too drunk to determine who was actually leading her in, she assumed I was Frank and was all over me. As we got to the room and I tried to make her lie on the bed, she… she wanted me on the bed with her. I know I should have told her I wasn’t Frank; maybe that would have penetrated her drunkenness and stopped her, maybe it wouldn’t, but I didn’t care. I could not stop myself, I took advantage of the situation” Mark wiped at the lone tear that slid down his face. “I didn’t think of the consequences of my actions, all I wanted was a taste of heaven. I was only thinking of myself… I was so stupid”

Laura’s legs had given way under her and she now sat in an undignified manner on the floor beside the door. Her mouth was agape as tears flowed down her face. “She slept with you, thinking you were her husband” it was the worst thing Laura had ever heard. She always thought nothing could be worse than rape, but now this?
“I made love to her with all the love in my heart” Mark continued. “I tickled her and she laughed, it was the most melodious sound I have ever heard”
“Please stop” Laura couldn’t take it anymore but Mark continued.

“I endured her whispers of Frank’s name, seeing her face flushed with happiness was a gold mine for me. It was the last time I ever saw her so happy… the last time I heard her laugh…” his eyes grew dark with self-loath.

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