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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 55
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Laura couldn’t bear the thought of this. She had the vague thought that her mother had never been truly happy. She rarely laughed, when she did, it didn’t seem real. She always had this sadness lurking in her eyes, but Laura figured that anyone married to her father would be in for a lifetime of sadness. If only she knew just what the woman had been subjected to.

“She was never the same after that night. Frank found out the next day after she talked about our night together. He knew he wasn’t the one. I had to confess to what I did. I have never felt so worthless. I could handle Frank’s anger and hatred but nothing prepared me for the hatred I saw in Sandra’s eyes. But that was not the worst part; Frank changed towards her… he changed completely. He couldn’t stomach the fact that another man – his twin brother – had slept with Sandra, even though it was without her conscious thought. He maltreated her and yelled at her. I had broken him, but worse, I broke her as well” He massaged a spot on his thigh, like he was trying to get a strain out. “It got worse when she found out she was pregnant and Frank knew it wasn’t his” Laura frowned. “Frank was furious. He never gave her the attention she needed. He turned cold and grew distant, only used her as a sex object; nothing was the same again.” Mark took a deep breath. “Sandra stopped laughing, her brown eyes were darkened with sadness; but she would not leave him. She was sure her love for him would make everything right again, she was wrong; my love for her had already made everything wrong” Mark shook his head, unable to stop the tears that trekked down his face. “I had killed her that night; all that was left was a walking corpse. I loathe myself every day, I hate myself for doing that to her”

Laura stared, wide-eyed at the man before her. It is unbelievable the havoc that a stupid act can wreck in people’s lives. Small as Laura had been, she couldn’t understand why her parents were married when her father clearly did not like her mother. She always thought her mother was stupid for enduring everything her father did to her and Laura tried her best to make her mother as happy as possible, but Laura’s love seemed not to be enough. She wanted the love of her husband, but sadly, she never got it. Many nights, Laura stayed awake, listening to the silent sobs of her mother. Her mother’s tears made her cry and every night built her disdain for her father. Her hatred for Frank grew when her mother died. Sandra died weeks after giving birth to Jane. Laura had been eight years old. Laura felt her mother had been depressed all her life but it got a lot worse after Jane’s birth. The depression was so severe that Sandra started talking to herself, talking to unseen people, taking excess care of the baby. She practically behaved like a mad woman. Doctors diagnosed her with PTSD, and said she was suffering from a rare kind of depression. Though, Frank changed towards her at that time and tried to take care of her, it was too late. Four weeks after Jane’s birth, Sandra was found dead on her bed, cause of death was unknown.

Laura had never forgiven her father. She had held the death against her father. She had thought he was the monster… the one who drained her mother’s love until she ended up six feet under. If only she had known that her father hadn’t always been like that… hadn’t always been so cold and heartless… if only she had known that the very person she admired and loved was the person who turned her father into a monster…
Laura blinked, sending tears down her cheeks as she pushed her numb legs up. Standing, she stared at her uncle for a prolonged moment, still unable to believe all she had heard. She shook her head. “And I thought my father was the monster… I thought he was the devil, but it has been you” her lips shook as her heart ached for the pain her mother had to endure. “How can you live with yourself?” she spat through clenched teeth. “You’ve been pretending to be a saint, but you are nothing but a snake… a filthy snake” she yelled in sobs. “So, what now? You are going to tell me you are my biological father now?” she yelled, her eyes sparking with fire. “You are going to tell me that I am the product of that shameful night?” Laura saw Mark’s face double over with pain as he gazed at her and got her answer. “Wow…”

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