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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 72
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Gloria stood in the waiting room. She dialed Frank’s number. Where on earth was he? She needed to leave, wanted to dash to the nearest church where she could be alone with God to offer Him her tears of appreciation. She had hoped. Prayed. God knows she had fasted on countless occasions. All in the hope to set her eyes on her daughter before she died. Now she had her answer. Seeing her was like a dream. She still could not believe it herself. If Laura hadn’t been there, Gloria was sure she would think she had imagined it all. It seemed surreal.
Now more than ever, she wanted to know what Frank had to do with anything regarding Teju. This Teju was her daughter! Her blood daughter. Her Atinuke. If Frank had anything to do with her negatively, Gloria was not sure she would be able to forgive him. She took off her phone from her ear. His number was not going through. She dialed Frank’s number again in frustration. “How long will it take him to get here?” her anger was palpable as she glanced at Jane playing with her niece. Her face softened a bit. She had missed this chance. Chance to watch her Atinuke as she grew. Chance to witness her daughter’s first steps, hear her first words, feed her when she was hungry, take her to school and help with her assignments. She had missed it all. Grief overtook her until her eyes were misty with unshed tears.

“Mother?” Jane called, a frown on her face.
Gloria blinked and shook her head, sending a watery dismissing smile Jane’s way. She sat and lifted Tess onto her lap, imagining what it would have been like to have done the same for Teju… for her Atinuke. She dropped her phone on the chair and smile playing on her face as Tess toyed with her necklace, tugging it, innocent curiosity clouding her face.

A strange hush suddenly engulfed the waiting room, followed by muffled gasps, whispers and then murmuring. Gloria was so engrossed in Tess that she did not even notice the change in atmosphere until she heard Jane’s strangled gasp.

“Oh God, no…” Jane shot to her feet.
Gloria turned her head, still smiling. The smile vanished as she caught the expression in Jane’s eyes. “Jane? What’s wrong?”
Jane turned to her, tears in her eyes. She shook her head. “Oh mother… please tell me… tell me that’s not… that’s not…” her voice broke and shook uncontrollably as she turned away, staring at something ahead as she hugged herself.

Suddenly, Gloria noticed that everyone in the waiting room was also looking in the same direction. Horror written all over their faces, murmuring one to another. Chancing a look, Gloria forced her eyes towards the object of their attention.

It was a flat screen television. Images flashed around as her heart slammed wildly against her chest interrupting the functioning of her eyes. She shot to her feet almost toppling Tess and she grabbed her awkwardly with hands that shook wildly. A strangled cry escaped her lips as she stared at the breaking news.


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