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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 5 - Episode 29
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(final chapter)


The moment I slize her troat a heavy army vehicle with loaded guns like tanks burst out from
one store, I saw Tina driving the car and she started shooting Edna and Asibi even her girls too,
she hit Edna on her leg and wanted to crush her but Asibi manage to pull her out of the way
before she could crush her, they hide themselves and then Tina zoom pass them and burst the
outside gate open, she started running away.

I look at my right hand and saw a grenade launcher, I smile.

I took it and position it straight to Tina, I release the trigger and then the grenade fly outside the
house and straight to Tina, the bomb throw the vehicle from the tarred road to the nearby bush,
I quickly climb down and took a bike, I speed to where the car summersayand then I climb down
and to search the car in smoke, I saw Tina struggling to come out of the vehicle, she saw and took a gun and started shooting at me, I run to the other side of the vehicle and jump ontop the burning vehicle, the weight hurt her more because the car press her, she screamed and drop the gun and then I came down took the gun, I position the gun to her head and said.

“Now who is the master?” I said.

“Do it” she said amidst blood rushing out from her mouth.

“Of course I will” I said and as I wanted to pull the trigger I heard.

“Freeze, don’t move” I look back and saw mobile police men pointing gun at me.

“Drop the gun” they commanded.

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