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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 6 - Episode 18
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They are five in number all of them are inside the room with me, they put on complete police uniform with full armor.

“Drop the gun then we will talk” I said.
“Okay relax we will drop it” he said and signal to the other men to drop their gun.

“Drop your walkie-talkie and your phone” I commanded.

They obey me and then I told them to move closer to the bed, they sat on the bed and then I kick their phone and gun out of the bedroom, I command the leader to follow me and then I lock the rest and the woman inside the bedroom after removing the key.

I still point my gun at him and command him to remove his dress, I remove mine and put on his police uniform, I tied his hand and plaster his mouth, I put all the gun in my bag and collect the walkie-talkie, I came out of the room wearing police wear, I heard everything the other police men were saying and the last one said they are searching the last block, I walk out of the room and when I reach outside I saw so many police men with guns, I bend my head down and walk pass them.

All of them were busy looking out for me that they didn’t know that am the one passing them, I came out from the gate there are officers outside the gate too so I just behave as if am going to meet the commander sitting on the police van coordinating things.

He was sitting beside the drivers seat with two other men on the back of the van with full AKs.

As I get closer I heard from the walkie-talkie I was holding.

“The suspect has impersonate a police officer, I repeat the suspect has impersonate a police officer” the reported.

The moment the two guys sitting on the van heard the report all their eyes fell on me and without wasting them I took my shot gun and shoot them on their leg, the commander wanted to bring out his pistle but I shoot at the van windscreen freezing him.

“Out of the vehicle” I commanded.

The two men jump down with their legs still bleeding.

“Oya you enter the car and drive” I said to the commander.

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