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Story: True Life Story Of An Addict
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Me: Wow! You didn’t tell me your neighbour is back.

Deola: I am sorry. It escaped my mind.

Me: With such man as your neighbour, I don’t think you need any security man again.

Deola: Hahahaha. You speak as if he’ll be here forever.

Me: I am just saying.

That’s the perfect condition I craved: make her feel relaxed and safe before I hit the nail on the head. Deola was on her best behaviour that morning. Everything she touched and said was spot on: from the food to her choice of words. She almost made me change my mind. One trick I used was to chip in another topic that is very irrelevant to what is on ground whenever her words are hitting my heart like a sharp dagger.

After, the meal, I made her sit beside me on the chair as we watch one soap opera like that. When everywhere looked serene and calm, I cleared my throat and vomitted, with much precision and unparalleled clemency, the words she wasn’t willing to hear:

Volcanic eruption,
Clad with swords and guns;
Unplanned induction,
This is no time for fun.

Tales by forced action,
Words prepped for destruction;
Whether she likes it or not,
Read my words and the dots.

It was sweet as long as it lasts,
Sweet turned sour;
A blast from the past,
Words that changes the hour!

Ready or not, here I come,
This is what needs to be done;
Back and forth, to and from,
Lights out, from you Femi’s gone!

Me: Deola, I am happy I met you. You proved to me that love can be found in the rarest of places. You showed me the path to genuine and matchless love. Your grace brought out the best in me. You provoked the real me when down I la!d dormant and unuseful. I’ll forver be indebted to you as long as I live. I love you.

Deola: Oh Femi, I love you too. You’re like a pearl, a ruby found among thorns. You made me love again. You loved me still even when I was in my worst state. I beg to stay on in this island of this glorious fantasy. May it never end.

Me: (I cleared my throat again) You see, you are a rare woman. I accept that fact right from the start. However, it is with great heartache I announce to you that, errmmmm, in this relationship that is so great, so lovely, so eternal, so blissful, so graceful, so wonderful… I mean this never-seen-before kind of love we share, a love so powerful and look so immortal… I mean this love so opulently coloured with life and pure love,

Deola: (Laughing) What are you saying Femi?

Me: (After a brief silence) I want out Deola. Let’s end this relationship.

Deola: (Her initial glowing face transformed instantly) I didn’t get that.

Me: Deola, I quit.

I removed myself from sitting beside her to see how she will react. At first it looked as if she didn’t process what I said well. She lost herself into some minutes of soliloquy. When she was done processing what I just said, fear appeared on her face. She quietly crawled to where I saw, tears dropping from her eyes. She held my trousers and softly said,

Deola: Femi, tell me what you said is not true, …please.

Me: I have spoken, no going back.

Deola: Why did you hate this much? What is it I have done that cannot be forgiven? I begged, I cried…what else should I have done? You’ve brought me pain upon pain since I misbehaved. And today of all days when I thought we would be restored, you brought with you a destructive message. Why Femi? Why?

Me: I felt the need to quit. I can’t do this anymore. I am sorry Deola, but that’s my stand.

She lied on the floor and wept. Truth be told I have never seen a woman weep like that ever. Her nerves accompanied the rhythm of her vibration as she wept.

Suddenly, she stopped crying. A reminiscent of what did flashed across my mind. I adjusted myself in readiness to take to my heels if she thus try to repeat it.

Slowly she got up from the floor, went back to where she sat before, wiped her tears and returned to calmness. I examined her for few minutes to see what she might be up to but surprisingly, she was as calm as a gentle flowing river. Though her head was bowed, she opened her eyes to look at me at intervals. Then, out of nowhere she said,

Deola: Thank you so much Femi. It shows you’re man enough, at least for choosing to come tell me this way instead of embarrassing me.

Me: I didn’t mean it to end like this. I just couldn’t adjust my feelings anymore. Besides, a voice in me asked me to stop.

Deola: A voice huh? Did you tell your sister about this?

Me: Don’t bring my sister into this. This is between you and me.

Deola: This is beyond the ordinary, Femi. There is to this than meet the eyes.

Me: Term it whatever way you want. Sincerely I am sorry. It just have to end now.

She started crying all over again. I don’t know how I became highly resistant. As in, I was stone-hearted. I got up from my seat and stated walking out. She ran after me and pinned me at the door, held my shirt and wept all over it. Not wanting her neighbour to have a sniff of what is going on, I pulled back inside and locked the door behind us.

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