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Story: True Life Story Of An Addict
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I stormed out of Deola’s house, living her in tears. She stretched her hand towards me as I make my way to the door, literally asking me not to leave. I left anyway. When I noticed the man I saw while coming in wasn’t there anymore, I leapt for joy. However, he’s locked the gate; so, it’s either I go ask him for key to the gate – which is very illogical because I am not his visitor – or I go back inside and ask Deola to come open the gate, presenting me an unpredictable situation. I stood close to the gate wondering who to go ask for key. At last, I decided to go ask the man for key instead of asking Deola. As I walked down to his apartment, I heard the sound of a door slammed against its frame. The direction of the sound came from Deola’s end. “Should I go see what’s up?”, I asked myself. “No. Who knows what she might be up to?”, I concluded. Not ready to allow whatever it is that she’s up to distract me, I continued my walk to the man’s apartment. Before I got to his main door, he came out, dressed casually but looked decent. He appeared to be going out too with the way he smells.

Man: Hey, where are you going?

Me: I am actually coming to you.

Man: Coming to me? What for?

Me: I need the key to the gate, sir.

Man: And why did you come to me for that? Go collect Deola’s.

Me: That’s the problem sir cos,…she’s in the bathroom presently.

Man: And shouldn’t you wait until she’s done?

Me: I don’t wanna disturb her really.

Man: Go wait for her. She might be worried if she comes out to see that you’re gone.

Me: Ok sir.

From nowhere, Deola came out of her apartment. Her eyes turned red as a result of heavy weeping. She looked at me and then spoke,

Deola: It’s alright sir. He’s ready to leave. Let him go.

The man looked shocked!

Man: What happened? Why are you crying?

Deola: It’s nothing sir. In fact, don’t worry. I have the key with me here. (She beckoned on me to follow her).

The man watched as I wobbled after Deola like a goat being dragged to its permanent site. It was so obvious that he was stunned. I walked out as soon as Deola opened the gate before she secured it behind me.

I walked home ashamed of myself, such a humiliating display to a supposed big boy like me. I called my sister as soon as I got home to inform her about what I just did.

My Sister: Ori e o pe o Femi. Kilode to so fun mi ko to lo? (Your senses are not in order. Why didn’t you hint me before going to her house?)

Me: Okan mi fo ni. E ma binu (It skipped my mind. I am sorry).

My Sister: Skipped your mind? Well, you can’t force a man not to flirt with leprosy if he’s willing and ready to live alone in isolation. It looks logical that you have single-handedly ended the relationship I know nothing about when you started it. I cannot force you to do things anymore cos you’re of age already. All I can do is advise you as my own blood brother to be very careful, God-fearing and honest in all you do. I can’t imagine the pain Deola will be in right now. You simply played her. Why toy with the heart of a woman? Just be thankful the knife brushed your hand and not your eyes. Even the scar on your hand right now will be there for life as a lesson for your children and grandchildren. Truth be told Femi, you are wicked. When I considered the kind of life you’re living, all I could see is the reflection of our father. It scares me Femi. I don’t want you thread that line. It’s dangerous, life-shortening and destructive. My prayer for you is that you won’t fall into traps.

Me: Just keep praying for me. I am turning a new leaf.

My Sister: Let’s hope you are. Wo, ise po lowo mi lati se joo (See I have enough to do). Send me Deola’s number, I wanna talk to her.

Me: Ha? Why?

My Sister: What’s your business with that?

Me: I don’t have her number again ma.

My Sister: Go get it for me. Bye.

Me: (Reluctantly) Bye ma.

I did everything possible to make sure my sister never asked for Deola’s number again: I discouraged her, lied to her that Deola has changed number and she’s ready to talk to me, let alone give me her number, and so on…

Phew! Deola came, she saw, and we splited!

I called Osas that same night before I sleep reminding her of our meeting tomorrow. As many as will believe me, I felt free and light when I removed Deola from the directory of my victims. The feeling of being free and not into any relationship is second to none. No insecurity, no policing, and heart-attack. It’s surely a good life for anyone who can stay off relationship that is not intended for marriage. #MyOpinion.

Osas: Na wah for you. Are you still coming?

Me: Of course I am. Be prepared.

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