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Story: True Life Story Of An Addict
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Osas: This one that you’re coming on Sunday now, I don’t know what to and even how to prepare for you.

Me: Woman, I am not asking for a grand reception. Just do whatever you wanna. Like I said, I am not gonna stay long, ok?

Osas: Alright. Don’t worry, I’ll fix you.

Me: That sounds good. See you then.

Osas: Bye.

It is funny how the hate has increased lately; even from people I thought once had my back. Lol. That’s how player behave; they are selfish, egoistic and only look out for their interest alone. I used to be like this. But like I said in one of the updates, I do not really love Deola, but I liked her. The likeness started growing into love but, as we all know, there is no way 3 persons can be equally divided; there is no way I can love 2 girls at a time. It strikes me that nobody defended Cynthia in all of this. You all have forgotten her so quickly and nobody is speaking in her favour. She took care of me too, we did IT on many occasions, yet, at the slightest provocation, I deleted her. She didn’t even have to raise a finger on me, let alone knife. Yet, I dismissed her…and nobody cried foul. It appears you all loved Deola, even with her life threatening actions. Una thank you.

I got prepped for Church on Sunday Morning. Looking all saint-up* like a Bishop. Seriously people, I really wanna changed. I have made up my mind about it and there is no going back. This is spiritual journey. I need myself back on track before it’s too late. The words from my sister linger still in my brain, even now.

Truth be told, I had no premonition whatsoever about Osas. She is one woman I never thought we could have a thing. That was the last thing on my mind. I just wanna be her friend, and friend alone – something we now call Friend Zone, right? Some of you may wonder if I ever had a male friend, aside the imaginary Wale I always referred when I wanna make an excuse for going out. I do have male friends but all of them are clubbers, party freaks, drunkards and what not. I relate to them only on official level, I never moved close to them lest I learn of them. Who come teach me how to womanize? Well, that’s one mystery wey me sef no fit unravel. Probably, like I said in one of my poems, freedom got the better side of me…and I lost my way.

Sunday, after church.

Me: Woman, how far?

Osas: Femi, I am fine. How was church?

Me: Church dey jare. You don reach house?

Osas: Yes. You?

Me: Same. Should I start coming now?

Osas: If you want to.

Me: Alright. I’ll be there soon.

I checked my wardrobe for a nice outfit, aside the one I wore to church. First impression, as they say, matters a lot. I made sure I looked nice and appealing. Let me remind you again of my intent and purpose: just to go visiting, nothing else. I notified Garfar where I was going and instructed him to take note of whoever visited. He looked rather tired and unlively that afternoon.

Me: What’s wrong with you?

Garfar: Oga I get headache.

Me: Have you taken any medication?

Garfar: Yes Oga. I don use panadol.

Me: Ok. Please take this (#1,500). Make sure you get yourself good drugs, ok?

Garfar: Ah! Thank you oga. I go buy am.

Me: Ok. Take care of yourself. I won’t be long.

I left home thinking about how free life can be without women. Women are objects of happiness and love, but if not well handled and controlled, you can get yourself into one hell of a rough ride.

Let me give y’all a simple analogy of what I am saying. If you write the word ‘Love’ backwards, you get “evol”. How does it sound? Evil, right? In the same way, if we love wrongly like I did, you’ve got evol (evil) waiting to happen. So this is to all and sundry, let your love be pure and plain; stay off it if you can’t handle it. After all, to fall in love is not by force.

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