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Story: True Life Story Of An Addict
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I visited Osas on Sunday as promised, after church. She happily accepted me and ushered me inside. She lived in a two room self-contained apartment, averagely furnished to the taste of a single lady’s kinda ish. There were many wallpapers and photo frames on her wall: some of her NYSC Orientation Camp, others with colleagues on her first day of resumption at work, the rest are selfies and family members. I noticed however that there is a particular photo frame removed from the rest. It was hanged at the center of the sitting room, adjacent the entrance door. It was the picture of Osas and a half-castle guy named, Louis. The picture was taken in front of Sheraton Hotel, Abuja, with a date print on it.

I took interest in the picture, scrutinizing it over and over again in my mind. “This guy must be a rich guy, and Osas is truly lucky. Good for her. No wonder she’s a big girl”, I said to myself.

Osas: What are you looking at?

Me: Oh, sorry. Who is that guy?

Osas: Him? That’s Louis.

Me: Louis, huh? Is he the lucky guy?

Osas: I wish…

Me: What do you mean, “I wish”?

Osas: It’s a long story Femi, I can’t…

Me: Then make it short.

Osas: I will, but definitely not now, not today.

Me: And if I insist?

Osas: Apologies in advance then cos I won’t tell you.

Me: I want to know, tell me.

Osas: Femi can skip this part? Haba? You just arrived and you’ve started this your Cambridge Question and Answer. Oga relax abeg.

Me: I won’t stop unless you tell me what I wanna hear.

Osas: Ok. I promise I will tell you but please, in the love of God, not now, not today…please.

Me: Alright. Promise they say, is a debt.

Osas: No. Promise is just a promise but definitely, I will tell you. Can I get you what to eat now?

Me: Please do.

She left for kitchen and soon came back with semovita and vegetable soup. The aroma of the soul can even make a fasting cleric break the fast instantly. She sure is a good cook. The reason why Osas has decided to stay alone in this well-furnished apartment raised curiosity. Later, I realized that’s how most girls working on the island and the peninsula lived their life. They are so dedicated to their job that they have little or no time for guys. Some of the sociable ones leave out everything until Friday Nights before hitting the clubs, and parties or cinemas on Saturday. Only few of them have time for a serious relationship. The nature of your job determines how much time you can have on dating and relationships. Most of these girls engaged in booty call. They call guys at random when they feel like doing it; and once they are satisfied, the union ends. No time for commitment and serious relationship.

After the meal, we engaged in a lengthy talk. Let me spare you with the details. All we discussed centered on her job, her family, her environment and Nigeria. I tried not to engage her in any emotional talk cos she’s yet to tell me about Louis. Besides, I have made up my mind that nothing dey happen. I am done with that kind of life once and for all. We even strolled out to catch some fresh air and for sight-seeing in and around Sandfill. Since I had no intention of going back to her house, I made sure I left nothing back in the house.

Me: It’s almost 6pm Osas. Let me start going.

Osas: That’s true. Tomorrow is Monday. Thanks for coming Femi. you made my day lively.

Me: Really? That means you’re paying me then.

Osas: (Laughs) How much do you want?

Me: Let’s start with half a million.

Osas: Cheap! I thought you’ll mention millions, I would have asked you to increase it to billions.

Me: No mind me. I no too like money like that. I am modest and decent.

Osas: It’s alright. I will write you a cheque. No; don’t bother. Bring your cheek, let me sign on it. Take it to any bank tomorrow and tell them I asked you to come. They will pay you any amount you want.

We both laughed out along the street. I secured a bus home after 10 more minutes of jesting. Thus, was the day concluded.

Me: Good night Osas.

Osas: Good night Femi.

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Feb 02, 2016
Ok not bad
Feb 02, 2016
Addiction is hell of a thing shit!!!!
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