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Terrors Of The Past - Season 1 - Episode 20
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They went to visit Smart and after spending quality time with him, they were almost ready to leave, when Gloria walked in with a plastic takeaway, probably a food with a can of malt all in a designers nylon. She greeted them and sat down on Smart’s bed.

SMART turned and stared at her, while the others where surprised at her bringing food for Smart. When did such familiarity breed?” They asked in their mind.
After asking after his health Gloria gave him the food she bought for him and was almost on the verge of spoon feeding him, and Smart totally rejected the food.

” Thanks, but I can’t collect it, I have already had my full and for trying to feed me i can always do that myself.” He said showing her a plate that he just ate from.
“I know but, you might need it. Please don’t say no to my kind gestures.” She pleaded.

“Okay ooo! You can drop it there.” Smart accepted after seeing how Dave eyed him to collect the item.

They all left him, with Gloria and dispersed to there classes.
Smart appeared in class after two days, looking healthy and hearty.

All efforts to make him rest for atleast a day, after recovery was in vain as he insisted on going to class to recover what, he had missed over the time.

Most of their classmates visited him 6dor the few, who couldn’t visit him, they asked after his health when he appeared in class that morning. He had responded warmly and went to his seatand was expecting to have a pile of note to copy, as he knew that Jeff was a lazy writer. He was making a mental note on who to ask for their notes in other to aid him in updating his notes.

He opened his locker and found it neatly arranged and set in rows according to subjects.

He opened his C.R.S note to see his note completed and written in a very fabulous and clean calligraphy, he ransacked all his other notes and found them complete, and with that exact handwriting.

He immediately rushed over to Jeff’s locker and compared both, Jeff’s handwriting and the one in the book and found it totally different.

“Who wrote all my notesfor me?” Smart asked.

Jeff looked at him smiling and said.
“Do not bother about that, you should be happythat someone found you worthwhile to be od help to you.”
“Please i want to thank the person for his or her kind gestures.”
“No need.” Jeff said sticking to the plan of not telling Small,anything about Sandra.
“OK, if you say so.” Smart said walking away.

“Manny it is well.” Jeff said but Smart went back to his seatwithout as much as replying him.

He went back to his seat and sat down, going through the notes copied and he was Inwardly pleasedwith whoever that helped hi out. As if coincidentally, a piece of note, fell out from the middle of the book, he was holding which says.
I’m sorry, even though, I can’t say it to your face. Hope you recover soon, you look cute while sleeping.”
From Sandra.
He looked at the note and turned towards Sandra who was reading through a voluminous novel.
She felt a person prying at her, she turned and saw Smart looking her way. She immediately looked away as, she felt uncomfortable, when she remembered, she kept a note that she composed for herself in Smart’s locker and he might have seen it or did Jeff tell him that she helped him our with his notes? Is that the reason he is staring at her Because she knew that Smart was not much of a looker.

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