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Terrors Of The Past - Season 1 - Episode 3
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Smart dragged her back, holding unto her arm, the pull made her turn as she stood face to face staring at each other. He smiled and said.

“I’m sorry.” He spoke out, he left her arm and turned making his way to the seat he wanted to seat on.
The girl hissed and left the class angrily like a wild bull, charging against a pretty. The whole class went silent as the sound of a pin, if dropped could be detected, the class was in a daze at the reaction of the new guy, as the reaction, he displayed was the opposite of what they expected. Smart walked towards the seat occupied by the two girls, they made way for him as as they eyed him cautiously to avoid being the scapegoat. He didn’t look at anyone as he delved into unpacking the books in his bag into the locker fixed to the desk.
Jeff walked to Smart while, he was still unpacking, one of the girl left the seat and Jeff sat down. He Crossed his hands over Smarts shoulder.

“Hope you are not angry bro?”
“It’s nothing.” Smart said still unpacking his books.

“Don’t mind the battle axe of a lady, she is always rude. Sorry your first encounter in the class was her.” Smart smiled and said.
“It’s no problem, the deed has already been done.”

“Let me help you, hope you don’t mind?”
“Sure I will appreciate.”

They had jointly arranged his locker, his books stood in a neat and well sorted out form.
Smart placed his head on the desk as the event of the earlier squabble that occurred in the class surged into his mind like an electric current.

What gave her the morale to slap him? How dare she slap him? This thought perched unto his consciousness like a pest that won’t let go. Had it been the former him, if she had known who he was, would she have even have the effontery to look into his face not to talk of slapping him across the face. His anger rose as the event of the played like a movie in his mind. Jeff had long gone to his seat, when they were through with the sorting, seeing that Smart was not in the mood for a chit chat.
He was still lost in thought, when a loud thud on the desk by the class prefect, which signified the emergence of a teacher interrupted his thought. He got up to join the others in chorusing a greeting. The teacher waved them down and they sat down.
The teacher was a male, their Government teacher and equally their Form teacher. He is Mr. Ezeh Linus.
“Goodmorning class.” He said smiling.
“Good morning sir.” The class echoed.
“Today is the introduction of the new students for the week, so if you know you are new please can you do the class a favor of stepping out here and introducing yourself to us?”
Five students came out, Smart included. He was still wearing an angry look.
He took a side glance at the young girl and saw that she had replaced the wear to a new one. Her face was bent to her desk as her maximum attention was fixed to a voluminous novel placed on her desk. He looked away, when he felt she was a kind of raising her head up. He looked at the back as of coincidentally his eyes collided with the same girl that made him knock over the ink. She quickly averted her eyes and with a furtive attempt raised up her locker as if looking for something.

“What is just wrong with this class? Having an aggressive witch and a moron who can’t just mind her business and stop starring.” He said.

The introduction had been on and before you can say Jack Robinson it was over and they went back to their seats.

The teacher delved into the lesson proper.
” Who can please tell me what we discussed on last time we met?”
The class went quiet for a while, until a hand could be see raised mid air. It was the girl who slapped him earlier.

“Yes!! Sandra can you help the class?”
“Ohhh!! So that’s her name?” Smart muttered rhetorically.

“Sir we stopped at the features of A Sovereign State.”

“Yea, correct, have your seat please.”
The teaching had continued, until the teachers period was over, he gave them an assignment and left the class.

During break period, Smart and Jeff joined up with Dave and Gabriel, they headed towards the canteen, on their way they taunted him, with the incident that occurred in class.

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