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Terrors Of The Past - Season 1 - Episode 8
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It was a sunny day on Tuesday after school, Smart was going back to his hostel, when he remembered that he forgot his mathematics text book.

He sluggishly and clumsily went up the classroom stairs, he reached the JSS3 classroom, when he heard a struggling in an adjacent empty class, accompanied with a shout of struggling voices. He heard a voice say.

“Alex, leave me alone, what are you trying to do?” The voice said amidst tears and the voice looked quite familiar, it was a females voice.

“what I’m doing? Hahaha!!! I have always planned for this moment, who can help you now? It’s just best you just give for it to be a simple one for you.” A male voice which was unfamiliar spoke out.

With the ongoing quagmire, Smart had already got wind of what was going on in the class and he immediately made for the classroom. He reached the class and was quivered with the figure, he saw. It was Sandra struggling with a guy, he knew not.

Smart had the thought to leave the class and leave her to her fate, but on a second thought and seeing her in tears and that she was getting weak, he had a rethink. He immediately rushed between the almost successful rape act, her school uniform was torn in many parts and her bra was already visible, due to the struggling.

He pushed the young man off her and faced him.

“Guy, what is wrong with you? Trying to rape a lady in a classroom and in the full glare of the sun.” Smart said quite disgusted at the act.

“Who the hell are you to ask me such questions? Will you leave this class Immediately before I change my mind?” The guy said.

Smart looked him straight to the eyes and smiled.

“I can be a fan of anything in the world, but this act of yours.” He said and his Visage turned cold. “I’m not a fan.” Smart said.

The guy approached him as they stood staring eyeball to eyeball with their nose only a breaths lengths away.

“You bumpkin, i will deal with you so gruesomely, that even a drop of rain on you would be like a whirlwind, when I’m through with you in this school.” The guy said emphatically.
Smart smiled and said.

“The last time I checked my name was never referred to as a bumpkin, get that into your thick skull, I’m known as Chibuike or Smart.” Smart said in a rambunctious manner.

“Smart! I will remember that name.” The guy said and pushed him out of the way and busted out of the class in a hot rage.

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