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The bridegroom - Season 1 - Episode 41
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Late Chioma’s family has just returned
from her funera, including her very
saddened friend, Judith.

Mr Ambrose had locked himself up in his
bedroom and has asked to be left alone.
Chioma’s mum had slept off on the sofa,
because unknown to her, she was given
sleeping tablets because she was crying
uncontrollably even before the funeral
service began.

Judith, Kate, Mr Ambrose’s parents and
the kids were seated in the living room.
Red and swollen eyes beautified all their
faces. Constant sniffing was the only
sound that could be heard in the room.

All of a sudden, the deafening silence
was broken by Tatiana’s poem. She just
started reciting the poem she had earlier
on recited at her mum’s funeral service.

TATIANA: fill not your heart with pain and
But remember me in every tomorrow
Remember the joy, the laughter,
The smiles, I’ve only gone to rest a
Although my leaving causes pain and
My going has eased my hurt and given
Me relief
So dry your eyes and remember me
Not as I am now, but as I used to be
I will remember you all and look on
With a smile
Understand in your hearts
I’ve only gone to rest a while
As long as I have the love of each of
I can live my life in the hearts of
all ofyou

JUDITH: Tatiana, you shouldn’t be reciting
that poem Okay? Recite one of the ones
you are taught in school

TATIANA: but I like this one (carries on
reciting it)
(Mr Ambrose’s mum knows about the
letters left by Chioma and is determined

to help ensure that her death wish is
fulfilled. So she thought it was a good
avenue to get Ambrose and Judith

GRANDMA: Judith, we may not be able to
get her to stop reciting that poem, please
go upstairs and tell her dad. He is the
only one who can do it

JUDITH: but ma’am, he asked not to be

GRANDMA: not when his children are
involved. Please go get him.
(Judith got upstairs and met mr Ambrose
on the floor of his bedroom with
Chioma’s framed picture crying his heart

JUDITH: excuse me, sir

MR AMBROSE: I left a clear and simple

JUDITH: I know but…

MR AMBROSE: please shut the door and
leave me alone!

JUDITH: Tatiana is…

MR AMBROSE: (quickly gets up!) Is she

JUDITH: yes but she wouldn’t stop
reciting the funeral poem

MR AMBROSE: My goodness! Okay, I’ll
come down and see her. Thanks for
letting me know

JUDITH: no problem (goes downstairs)
(Mr Ambrose quickly wiped his tears and
hurried downstairs)

MR AMBROSE: mummy, you must stop
reciting that poem. It is specially for your
mum in heaven. You only recite it when
someone goes to heaven Okay?

TATIANA: but mummy went to heaven
today so I can recite it today

MR AMBROSE: not anymore. You recited it
for her before those men took her to
heaven and that’s enough

TATIANA: Okay, daddy but when is she
coming back to see us?

MR AMBROSE: phewww!

GRANDMA: enough, Ambrose! No
answering anymore questions. You don’t
answer everything they ask. She will not
stop asking questions

MR AMBROSE: but mum, I owe her

TATIANA: but why did they put so much
sand on top of her?

MR AMBROSE: Jesus will remove all the
sands and give her clean clothes and she
will be clean and happy, Okay?

TATIANA: will Jesus give her a shower
and food and chocolates?

MR AMBROSE: Jesus will give her
everything she needs

GRANDMA: (loudly) oh Chioma!!! Chioma

MADAM NKECHI: (wakes up and starts
crying loudly too. Kate joined, then Mr
Ambrose joined. Shasha joined, Tatiana
joined, Judith lost it and the entire place
was filled with sounds and songs of
sorrow and mourning


NINA: Charlotte, are you sure you want to
go to Ghana with this man? I’m asking
because I heard he is a ritualist o!

CHARLOTTE: it’s all rumours, babe. I spent
the weekend in his house. Such a humble
man. With all his money he still knows
how to treat a woman. He ran my bath,
cooked me the best noodle soup I’ve
heard in my life, massaged my feet until
they felt like those of a baby. No girl! I’m

I don’t even remember Deric

NINA: what about his wife?

CHARLOTTE: she is late

NINA: any children?

CHARLOTTE: No. He said his wife passed
away one month after they got married

NINA: sad. But if you love him that much,
why did you infect him?

CHARLOTTE: He has the money so he can
look after himself. Abeg don’t start! No
be person give am to me!

By the way, did I tell you! Jaykob claims
to be born again now. I went into his
office after everyone had left yesterday
and sat on his laps. Dude pushed me
away saying he is now born again???

NINA: no wonder! I heard him inviting
Amanda to their renewal of marriage

CHARLOTTE: that had better be true?

NINA: God don save am. Anyway, how’s
Deric and his mum? And when is he
coming back? I really want him to get
this virus because he pushed you into

If he was working as hard as o ther men
out there, fulfilling his conjugal
obligations, I don’t think you would have
had anything to do with Mr Adrian

CHARLOTTE: He called me about two days
ago asking what I think about him trying
to get a job over there and then coming
to bring me over as soon as he settles.

NINA: and what did you say?? don’t tell
me you agreed

CHARLOTTE: I told him I will think about it.
I was rushing anyway. I wanted him to
get off the phone because I was at my
old guy’s house ?

NINA: perfect! I’m glad you didn’t agree
yet. Call him, tell him you miss him a lot
and that you have been very lonely and Ill
without him around. Tell him to come
back and see you one more time before
he starts any move towards residing

As soon as he comes back, baptise him
and let him go back to London!

CHARLOTTE: girl, you bad!??I’ll call him

NINA: no! Call him now! Once you go out
with your man you’ll forget

CHARLOTTE: I don’t have enough airtime.

NINA: use my phone! Tell him you are so
Ill so I came to see you and cook for you.
Thunder fire am fire London!


XANDRA: Why do you look all gloomy!

DERIC: good morning, Xandra.

XANDRA: I’ve got good news for you!!!

DERIC: what good news??

XANDRA: my brother in law has agreed to
assist you get a permit. He also promised
to get mama a permit on the basis that
you are her sole carer!

DERIC: I sincerely appreciate that and
your efforts as well, but I’m going to be
turning that down. I need to be home
latest Friday. And that is the day by which
I must be in Nigeria

XANDRA:  what happened, Deric?

DERIC: my wife is seriously ill and she has
no one with her except her best friend.

XANDRA: did she stop taking her pills?

DERIC: what pills? My wife is not on any

XANDRA: oh no! Sorry, I was mistaking
her for someone else?

What if we send her money so she could
go to the hospital? Must you go??

DERIC: I must go, Xandra. See, because
you haven’t been married before and I
don’t mean to be rude , you probably do
not understand the importance of
emotional and physical support between
couples. I need to go home and be with

XANDRA: ?oh! Okay. I need to take my
leave now. Bye mama. ?️?️?️?️?️

MADAM NNENA: Deric! The way you spoke
to her was very rude! Must you remind
her that she needs to be married!

DERIC: she doesn’t need a reminder. She
knows age is no longer on her side. I
need to go see my wife.

MADAM NNENA: so rude!

DERIC: mama, stay out of this, please!

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