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The bridegroom - Season 1 - Episode 49
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Mr Ambrose has just married Judith in a
private wedding in an undisclosed
location in the Federal Capital Territory.

It was a lovely ceremony but not without
the occasional moments of tears and
During the exchange of vows, Mr
Ambrose could hardly say out the words
as he read them out amidst tears.
Generally, It was a sweet and sad day for
the family.

The attendees of the wedding were:
Mr Ambrose’s parents
Late Chioma’s mother
Judith’s immediate family
Kate( bridesmaid)
Tatiana(flower girl)
Shasha(little bride)
The priest
The family already knew that they were
all leaving for Canada at 6pm today, but
they were not aware of Mr Ambrose’s big
surprise for them.

To the best of Kate’s knowledge, she was
going to look after the house while they
are away.

They got home, undressed and Mr
Ambrose summoned them in the living

MR AMBROSE: first of all, I just want to
congratulate all of us. It’s our day; not
just that of I and Judith. It’s our day!
I know you all know that we are all going
to Canada for a month this night.
But actually, we are not just going for a
month. We are relocating to Canada.

JUDITH: wow!


KATE: sir?

MR AMBROSE: you’ve been with us since
you were 17 and now you are 25. You
are like a daughter to me and saying
Goodbye to you is the hardest thing in
the world for me. But I have to do it.

But what would you like me to do for

KATE: sir, I just want to thank you for

picking up a poor orphan like me and
giving me a great life. I never thought I
would live in a house like this.
When my mother died, you single
handedly paid for her funeral. You sent
me to school and you always ensured I
have whatever I need.
Madam, wherever you Are, may your soul
find rest. Sir, I don’t want anything from
you just don’t forget to call me so I can
speak with my Tatiana, Shasha and
Joshua when he starts talking.??
I …I ..I will miss them so much. Sister
Judith I will miss you. Sir, i will miss you

May God grant you favour wherever you
go in Jesus name amen.
I will go back to my auntie in the village.


KATE: sir

MR AMBROSE: you are coming with us to

KATE: oh my God!!??

MR AMBROSE: yes. I can’t leave you
behind. You are my daughter and Chioma
asked me never to send you away

KATE: (Hugs him and breaks down in
tears) thank you so much, sir. I can’t
believe my ears???

JUDITH: awwwww!

MR AMBROSE: erm, one more thing, we
must go to Chioma’s resting place and
say goodbye to her. From There, we will
make our way to the airport. Terry will
take us there, and then to the airport.
(The family made their way to the
graveyard. And on their way, Mr Ambrose
bought a bunch of flower and gave them
one each. When they got to the
graveyard, they went to Chioma’s final
resting place and stood around her

MR AMBROSE: exactly, this day twelve
years ago, I got married to you. And on
this same day, I just got married to your

I have found love in her arms just like I
did in your arms. But moving on in this
same environment looks impossible to
me. I know you want me to be happy.
Therefore, In search of happiness, I am
leaving to start all over again.
But I cannot do so without coming to say
goodbye once again.
Goodbye my love?
Goodbye my baby?
Goodbye! for I must now let you rest in
peace?( kisses the flower and lays it on
the grave⚘)
Tatiana, say goodbye to mummy

TATIANA: I love you mummy. I hope Jesus
and the angels are giving you lots of ice
cream and chocolates. Goodbye, mummy
(kisses the flower and lays it on the grave
MR AMBROSE: Shasha, say goodbye to

SHASHA: I lof you mummy. Bye bye (kisses
the flower and lays it on the grave ⚘)

MR AMBROSE: Kate, say goodbye to your

KATE: even in death, you are still kind.
Whatever I become tomorrow, you made
me. Thanks for everything. Good night,
ma. Rest in peace??? (kisses the flower
and lays it on the grave ⚘)

MR AMBROSE: Judy, it’s your turn

JUDITH: (starts crying )?????

MR AMBROSE: Come On, babe! You can’t
do this. The kids are here!

JUDITH: (amidst tears) babe, this is it!
This is goodbye… this is goodbye? I did
it, girl I did it for You! I will continue to
do it. I know how much you love them, I
will never love them less. They are the
you I see everyday.

Thanks for giving me a great home. Ah!
Bye babe.

Unbehalf of baby Joshua, this is
(Kisses the flower and lays it on the grave
(The family walked back to the car and as
they were about to enter into the car, Mr
Ambrose slightly pulled Judith back)

MR AMBROSE: I know I have caused you
pain. Yes, through my carelessness, you
lost a dear friend but thank you for
accepting to be my bride.
I am not worthy to be called your

For now, let me be your BRIDEGLOOM, but
I will spend the rest of my life trying to
merit the title “Bridegroom”


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