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The bridegroom - Season 1 - Episode 44
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NINA: excuse me, sir! Hello! Excuse me!
Excuse me, sir!!


NINA: erm, my name is Nina Donald; I am
Tatiana’s new teacher. Nice to meet you?

MR AMBROSE: pleasure.

NINA: erm, I have some concerns about
her. Lately she has been behaving really
badly, throwing away her lunch, kicking
o ther kids and being generally a brat

MR AMBROSE: hold it right there! Never
you ever use such word on my daughter!
Ever! If you do, You will have me to deal
with and I promise it wouldn’t be a
business dealing sort of thing.

Now to your complain, if my daughter
has suddenly become disruptive in class,
it means there is something you? are not
doing right! I want to believe you know
your child psychology very well!
If you read her previous reports, you
would see she has never been a problem
child. Find out why she is behaving that
way lately. That is your duty as her
teacher! Good day!

Remember, never call my child a brat!
Never! Ever!

NINA: I’m…I’m..So.. rry sir. I…I.. was
thinking maybe we could have a meeting
and review her learning plans and see if
we can make any changes..tha..t..that
might help… what do you think?

MR AMBROSE: good day, young lady!

Mummy, get into the car.

You mess with my child, I kill You!??

TATIANA: daddy

MR AMBROSE: Yes, my love

TATIANA: auntie Judy going home

MR AMBROSE: she is going home

TATIANA: Does she have a house?

MR AMBROSE: mummy, everyone has a


TATIANA: Why then do we pray for
homeless people during morning

MR AMBROSE:okay! Some people have no
house, but auntie Judy does.

TATIANA: but our house is bigger than
hers and she does not have a garden!

MR AMBROSE: how did you know that??

TATIANA: I don’t know

MR AMBROSE: neither do I. I’ve not been
to her house before.

TATIANA: daddy, let her stay in our house


TATIANA: because she does not have a

MR AMBROSE: what happened to her

TATIANA: she went to heaven before

MR AMBROSE: she told you that?


MR AMBROSE: I didn’t even know that!
When did she tell you.

TATIANA: when she was giving me a
shower when you went to grandma
Nkechi’s house. I really really really want
her to stay in our house so we can give
her food

MR AMBROSE: hahahaha! She doesn’t
need our food? She makes her own

MR AMBROSE: but she’s only a baby

MR AMBROSE: no she ain’t? She’s a grown
woman! She is older than your mummy!

TATIANA: so why does she cry then?

MR AMBROSE: when mummy was going
to heaven?

TATIANA: no! Yesterday!

MR AMBROSE: you saw her crying

TATIANA: she was reading one paper
and crying and talking to that paper!

MR AMBROSE: hmmmm! Mummy,
sometimes big people cry too. Let’s not
worry about it. Would you like some ice

TATIANA: yesssss!?

MR AMBROSE: what one?

TATIANA: chocolate ice cream!

MR AMBROSE: and what should we get
Shasha, Kate and Judy?

TATIANA: and baby Joshua!

MR AMBROSE: Joshua can’t have ice
creams yet. He only feeds on milk..

(Ambrose and her daughter got home
with the ice creams they got the girls at
home. From outside the house, he could
hear the cry of baby Joshua. So he
hurriedly entered the house and found
Judith bathing him)

MR AMBROSE: phew! Was wondering
why he was crying! Do you want me to
do it?

JUDITH: no, it’s alright. Babies cry when
they have their bath

MR AMBROSE: you are so good at it. Have
you done this before?

JUDITH: I’m 20 years older than our last
born so I did it a lot when he was born.

MR AMBROSE: that’s quite a gap. Well, my
mum taught me how to do it when I
took Joshua to her. But I’m not quite as
good as you are. Well done!

How are you, Kate? Still wearing a long

KATE: I’m fine, sir

MR AMBROSE: Why is your hair like this?

KATE: I’ll fix it soon?

MR AMBROSE: how soon is soon?

KATE: over the weekend, sir.

TATIANA: nanny Kate, we bought you ice
cream and aunty Judy and Shasha.???

KATE: good girl! Thank you, Taty!

MR AMBROSE: where is Shasha?

KATE: she is asleep upstairs.

MR AMBROSE: Judith, when you are done,
can I have a word with you, upstairs
please. Thanks.?️?️


DERIC: I can’t even begin to tell you how I
feel right now. Thank you so much for
this money! Thank you Xandra! Thank

XANDRA: no worries. Erm, I’ve just
booked my ticket with KLM flying at
6.30am tomorrow too!

DERIC: that’s the same plane I’m flying
with. Same time! You never told me you
were travelling. We could have booked
same time so we sit toge ther

XANDRA: it wasn’t planned. I am running
short of money so I need to go back but
I’ll still come back anyway.

DERIC: so how do we get to the airport?

XANDRA: my boyfriend will drop us

DERIC: your boyfriend? Xandra! How
come you never told me all these while
that you have a boyfriend???

XANDRA: well, I talk about my relationship
on need to know basis. You haven’t
asked. Have You?

DERIC: now, why am I jealous! I seriously

XANDRA: it’s okay to be jealous.

DERIC: it’s not! Stop it, Xandra!

XANDRA: but what does it matter! You
have a wife!

DERIC: just stop okay! I’m not even
joking! Just stop…

XANDRA: okay then!

DERIC: so how long have you been seeing

XANDRA: about a week or so..

DERIC: so you were talking to someone
else while talking to me too!!!!!?

XANDRA: are you crazy or what! Talking
yo You? On what basis? So because I
have a friend. A friend o! Nothing else, I
shouldn’t get into a relationship??

DERIC: Well, not while we are still friends!

XANDRA: you are the most selfish person
I’ve ever seen in my entire life!

DERIC: you have slept with him. Haven’t

XANDRA: personal!

DERIC: meaning?

XANDRA: you are asking me a personal

Well, you should actually be grateful
because he was the one who gave me
the money I gave you!

DERIC: he did??????? (reaches for the
envelop in his pocket and drops the
money on the table)

D--n it!!! I don’t need his money! I am a
man and I will make my own money!

XANDRA: how are you going to complete
your booking since you’ve only paid the

DERIC: I ain’t travelling anymore until I
make my own money and trust me, I will!
I am outta here! (Walks away angrily)

XANDRA(throws her fist in the air?, grins
and then smiles??)
??f o o l!!!

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