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The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow - Season 1 - Episode 26
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Varth: since wey i sit down for this place i never still see fine girl pass oh.

Me: no worry wait small make day dark small.

Varth: so you mean say i go sit down for this store till night.

Me: maybe.

Varth: no be and you you see.I was inside the shop selling drugs while varth sat outside monitoring the movement of girls like monitoring lizard.Then somebody came in to buy drugs.

Guy: bro na you they here?I look at his face very well.

Me: sorry i know you before?

Guy: na me junior wey give you uniform to take write exam for our school.

Me: waoh, how far na.

Junior: i dey oh, i think say you nor they come this side.

Me: why you go they reason like that?

Junior: na so so your mum we they always see na.

Me: well na because i nor they around before.

Junior: so how far na, na your guy they outside.

Me: yes na my friend vareeth.

Junior: bros i hail, he greet him outside.

Varth: na me hail pass brother.

Junior: bros abeg give me sit make i join una for here na,

Me: no problem na.I gave him sit and he took it to join varth outside, they started discussing about girls.I was inside waiting for customer to come and buy medicine, since nobody gree come i carry sit go join them outside.

Me: ehen junior you hear anynews for that exam?

Junior: them say na tomorrow them go bring result, no worry all of una make am.

Varth: how you take know say them make am.

Junior: them say na all of them them go collect.

Me: i hope so oh.

Varth: guy why una village dry for girls like this?

Junior: all ours girl they benin, the ones wey they here no dey reach sixteen before them getbelle.

Me: e get one fine one wey i see one day, she say her na cherrymay, you know her?

Junior: yes na, na my cousin her house they opposite my house.

Me: waoh, that means e go they easy for me na since na your cousin.

Junior: ehen e go they easy well well, wey e father shoot one boy for leg when he catch am they sex him pikin in the night for backyard.

Varth: waoh, na so him father wicked.

Junior: na retired soldier na, he beat him pikin well well oh, use razor blade tear her back and put pepper.

Me: waoh, me i nor go there oh.

Varth: seconded.

Junior: hahahaha, but i fit help u sha, but e depend wether she go agree.

Me: confirm, na just one letter i want you to deliver for me.

Junior: okay no problem, anytime you write the letter you give me.We gist about football till time for us to go, then we bade junior bye bye and enter the road to the dangerous bridge

Varth: guy we nor go enter bike so?

Me: bike nor dey pass by this time and beside na 500 naira them go even talk.

Varth: how your mum come dey take pass this bridge alone?

Me: she dey call person to come carry her or ifthe person no come she go sleep for the store.

Varth: na wa oh, i dey fear this bridge oh.

Me: lol only me they pass am talkless of say now wey we be two.

Varth: you nor dey hear the bad bad story about this bridge.

Me: i nor hear anything i witness am.

Varth: really wetin happen?

Me: no worry make i nor put fear for your mind after we pass am i go tell you.We continue moving fast till we get to the bridge,.

Varth: make we run abeg.He started running, i dont have any choice than to follow him, i was running behind him at the back as we ran pass the bridge, then we rest alittle after we cross the bridge, then later we continue walking, getting close to the filling station we saw a car park at our front i stop cus i think they look like that same car that parkat the school road the other day i was coming back from school after exam.

Varth: you know them?

Me: na bad people they that car..

Varth: how you know?

Me: no time to explain make we run go back.

Varth: you mean say make we go pass that bridge again, me i nor dey go oh.Two guys cameout from inside the car and begin waka come meet us, i run go back to the bridge and varth follow me for back, i look backand see say them they run follow us, then varthrun pass me, i nor know say him sabi run like that oh, but instead of him to cross the bridge he follow bush part enter the road to the river, i guess hes afraid of the bridge, not knowing that the river is more dangerous, i run follow am i nor want leave am behind, the guys run follow us, the race wey my guy they tear no be here oh, we ran till we get to one place where tipper pack sand close to the river, we hide below the sand, after some minutes when we nohear sound again we come out and look around,we nor see anybody though everywhere dark but we they use our phone as touchlight, thanks to tecno.Varth: e be like say them don return back.

Me: i think so too, we should start going.As we say make we they go, we hear girl voice behind us, we look at each other, we look at the direction the voice came from, from the river.

Me: make we run oh.

Varth: make we see wetin dey there.

Me: you well so.He didnt even listen to me he begin waka they go the river, i follow am for back, we reach the big river come see wetin i dey see, beautiful girls playing inside the river, they saw us and started laughing then they straight their hands beckoning on us to come join them, before i theyknow wetin they happen vareeth don pull him clothes they waka go meet them smilling.

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